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Video App Demo: Submerged

Something tells me kids and college students are going to love this one. Submerged is not a "useful" app like your address book or even a Twitter app -- it is a toy, or novelty app. Submerged takes video from the iPhone and warps it depending upon how you shake or move the iPhone. Silly? Perhaps, ...

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Turn yourself into an alien avatar with PhotoAvatar

PhotoAvatar (US $.99) is a remarkable iPhone/iPod touch novelty app from the makers of HourFace, an app I liked quite a lot when I reviewed it a few months ago. PhotoAvatar turns a properly taken photo into any one of three alien avatars, each so realistic that it's eerie. Using a carefully taken...

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Take your apps to the table with these iPhone icon coasters

With over 100,000 applications available, there's no shortage of ways people are using the iPhone's features. But how about on the coffee table or in the dining room? A new website is offering sets of coasters featuring the iPhone's default application icons. According to the website, the co...

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First Look: Voices for iPhone

Novelty and social applications are a big hit on the iPhone. A new one from the folks of Taptivate is sure to be a big hit when it is released in the near future. Voices for iPhone is touted as an "audio recorder with a twist" and even a "social voicemail" utility. With Voices [iTunes Link], you'...

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Flying pigs, dancing daisies, robotic Barbies...and the iPod

When you think of the iPod, Apple's carefully managed marketing campaign of hip with-it 20-somethings springs to mind. But there's another side to the cult of iPod, that's growing as a "cultural phenomenon". iPods inspire silliness according to this article from the New York Times. The iPod attracts...

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