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TUAW Year in Review: November 2012

Welcome to TUAW's Year in Review. Month by month, we're running down the top stories of 2012, all day long on New Year's Day. Apple shows "father of iOS 6 Maps" the door A tweet from Bloomberg News a few minutes ago says Apple has fired its "Maps manager" in the aftermath of ...

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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition due out November 28 (mostly)

We've heard before about Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, that slightly upgraded remake of the original great Bioware RPG that's coming soon to the iPad. This version is being put together by Beamdog, and creative director Trent Oster has tweeted that the game will finally arrive on (or at least...

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Apple reportedly changing some iPad mini ship dates

Apple has been tweaking some of the reported delivery dates for its new iPad mini products, according to reports from a few people who've preordered the LTE-enabled version of the devices. Originally, Apple was reporting a ship date of November 23 for most of the day-one preorders, but that dat...

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Parts suppliers reportedly prep for iPhone 5, iPad 3 assembly

Digitimes is reporting that the suppliers for the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are gearing up to provide components for the next iterations of both of those devices. That in and of itself isn't really surprising -- of course Apple is working on new iterations of all of its devices. But what is interesti...

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(i)Pawn is an iPhone game with screen-reactive pieces

This is one of the cooler things I've seen done with the iPhone's capacitive touchscreen. (i)Pawn is a game of sorts that works with a series of little figures on tokens that actually interact with the touchscreen itself. Most of the time, you need actual flesh to interact with the iPhone's screen,...

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Dragon Age: Origins coming to Mac as a digital download December 21st

Gamepro's got the news that Electronic Arts is fast-tracking Dragon Age: Origins for release on the Mac -- they're now saying that it'll be out as a download as soon as next week, on December 21st. I've been playing the game on PC (it came out for both PC and consoles in November), and it is exce...

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Overall Mac sales up 21%, desktops up 74% year over year

There's probably a number of reasons why this might have happened (and we're sure you can come up with more than we can), but nevertheless, here you go: overall Mac sales are up by 21 percent in October and November since last year at the same time, according to Gene Munster (not pictured), analyst...

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November sales data: Mac desktops down, laptops strong

The NPD data for November retail sales have arrived, and the news is not that cheery: year-over-year Mac sales were flat last month, while Windows PC sales grew 7 percent over 2007's total. Desktops on both platforms got hammered, with 20% drops across both platforms -- Windows machines down 15% and...

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Orange gets French iPhone in November

It's official: Orange has the iPhone in France. France Telecom, Orange's parent company, says they won't subsidize the iPhone, but also didn't say anything about price, according to CNN Money. They also didn't give a release date other than November-- the UK and Germany are getting it on 9th Novembe...

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