Apple supplier LG Display makes huge investment in OLED screens

Don't read anything into this, but Apple supplier LG Display is investing more than US$600 million to build a new production line to make organic LED (OLED) panels in South Korea. Apple CEO Tim Cook panned the use of OLED displays at a Goldman Sachs investor meeting last week, noting that the...

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Apple hires senior OLED researcher away from LG Display

It's not confirmation that we'll ever see Apple devices with OLED displays, but a new hire by the company definitely tips the scale in favor of the technology one day finding a home in iPhones, iMacs and other products. Dr. Jueng–jil "James" Lee, previously behind LG Display's efforts to ...

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Eleventh hour rumors brew new details on Apple's tablet

The tension is palpable as we all wait patiently for the start of Apple's event featuring "new stuff," and it seems that a little birdie has stuck his neck out and flown some forbidden images over to the crew at Engadget. What you see is a cell phone-sourced image of a prototype tablet which looks t...

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Mac Tablet Files: Rumored delay for the rumored device

DigiTimes stories are fun. They just are. Sometimes they provide insight into the components side of tech. Other times they make me wish I hadn't given up my dreams of writing fiction. Today, unnamed sources from unspecified component manufacturers say Apple is postponing the launch of its amazin...

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Rumor: iPhone next gen specs, on-sale date July 17

The previously unheralded Apple iPhone Apps blog has a rumor post up regarding the next generation iPhone hardware, suggesting that July 17th is the expected date for the new phone to be on shelves (reasonably well aligned with an announcement at WWDC). As 9to5Mac and Gadget Lab note, most of the co...

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LG signs 5-year contract with Apple for displays

LG has won a five-year contract to provide LCDs for Apple, Inc. According to Softpedia, Apple wanted LG's LCD and next-generation OLED displays for not only notebooks and Cinema Displays, but for iPhones and iPods as well. LG will receive a deposit of US$500 million to begin work under the contract....

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Optimus starts blog to track progress of keyboard development

We just got word from Artemy Lebedev about the new blog they've posted to keep us abreast of the Optimus keyboard development process. The Optimus "mini three" is already on sale and the "Upravlator" is "coming soon," along with the product I've been waiting for - the full sized Optimus keyboard. Wh...

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Blinkit: the blinking light iPod accessory

I'd file this under the "hmmm" category if we had one: Blinkit is a blinking light attachment for iPods with dock connectors. Intuitive Devices, Inc. brands it as something you can use for personal safety while biking, hiking, jogging, etc., since it has seven flashing cycles (including a ...

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