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Tag: OSX10.8

Bug in CoreText allows a string of characters to crash apps

A serious bug has been uncovered in Apple's CoreText layout engine, which is responsible for laying out text in applications that make use of the Cocoa framework on OS X and iOS systems. The bug causes any app relying on CoreText to crash when a specific string of Arabic characters is displayed, m...

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Carbon Copy Cloner goes commercial, offers previous donators free codes

With the launch of OS X Mountain Lion, Carbon Copy Cloner has made the transition from donationware to commercial product. The cloning software that makes a bootable backup of your hard drive will be $29.96 until August 12, then the price rises to $39.95. A free 30-day trial is available. To exp...

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Mountain Lion up-to-date program is now live (updated)

Update: Some readers are experiencing issues with the redemption codes and are being told by Apple support to retry them later today. For those trying to get codes now, it could take up to 72 hours to receive them. For those who qualify, Apple's up-to-date program for OS X Mountain Lion is no...

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OS X Mountain Lion is now available to download

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Mountain Lion would be released today and now the latest version of OS X is available for download. You can grab it from the Mac App Store. Prepare to be patient, as the download and install process could take a while -- of course, you backed up first, and you'r...

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Getting Ready for Mountain Lion: Performing the upgrade

Mountain Lion is almost here, arriving tomorrow on the Mac App Store. Are you ready to upgrade? First, make sure your Mac is Mountain Lion compatible. Apple offers a list of technical specifications, so you'll be able to upgrade with confidence (although Apple says 2GB of RAM is OK, we'd recomme...

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Getting Ready for Mountain Lion: Preview

Preview, the app that lets you view pictures and read PDFs in OS X, is one of Apple's unsung heroes. There's so much you can do with this app. It goes far beyond simply looking at images. It's a minimal image editor. You can crop your pictures, reorient them, and export them to new formats. ...

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Getting Ready for Mountain Lion: Dictation

Mountain Lion is about to debut one of my favorite features ever: Dictation. With built-in support for speech-to-text, OS X Mountain Lion allows you to talk instead of type in nearly every app on the system. You'll be able to access dictation using a simple keyboard shortcut, a double click o...

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Getting Ready for Mountain Lion: Share sheets

One of Mountain Lion's most exciting features comes straight from iOS. If you're a mobile user, you're probably familiar with the "Share" button with its curved arrow shape. In iOS, you use this to redirect data to other apps. For example, you can tweet things, mail them, and so forth. In iOS 6, ...

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Getting Ready for Mountain Lion: Checking your Mac's vintage

Will your Mac actually run OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion? Depends on its vintage. If you're new to the Mac, Apple's use of "vintage" identifiers (the introduction date for a model of Mac) can be a little startling to those used to actual model numbers. For example, you might own a Mac Mini from J...

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Getting ready for Mountain Lion: checking for compatibility

Does your Mac qualify for Mountain Lion? Not every system does, although if you're already running OS X Lion, chances are good that you'll be able to upgrade. Still, you'll want to check. The following hardware models will support Mountain Lion, according to Apple's specifications page: iMac...

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Apple releases third preview build of OS X Mountain Lion for developers

Apple has pushed the third preview of OS X Mountain Lion to developers. A number of known issues are still present in the preview, including booting issues with FileVault enabled and installing Mountain Lion on a system running OS 10.7.2 or earlier with FireVault turned on could fail. Other know...

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Mountain Lion developer preview changes file renaming options

One of my pet peeves with Mac OS X always appears when I'm in the process of opening a file from an app and want to either make a duplicate of an original or just want to rename the file. With Lion and previous versions of OS X, that meant that I'd have to close the "Open" dialog, open a Finder wi...

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Messages is a good idea, but is not ready for prime time

It's rare that I can honestly say that Apple software has given me a headache. The new beta for Messages has left me and other members of TUAW staff reaching for aspirin and lamenting that this is nowhere near ready for prime time. That's understandable, given the beta status, but it's still frust...

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