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Dev Interview: Larry O'Connor, Other World Computing

TUAW and MacTech are once again teaming up to interview developers surrounding Apple's announcements at WWDC. Hear what they have to say. Introduction We'd like to welcome our guest, Larry O'Connor, Founder & CEO at Other World Computing. Other World Computing develops products for Mac, iOS, a...

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OWC Named Green Tech Company of the Year by BIG

TUAW, and I'm sure the Mac community at large, would like to congratulate Other World Computing (OWC) in Woodstock, Ill., for being named Green Tech Company of the Year by Business Intelligence Group (BIG). OWC shares the award with Betsy's Bricks, a heating pellet manufacturer and Arise Virtual S...

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Get new life out of an old Mac Pro (Updated)

You've been drooling at the video of the new Mac Pro, but realize that your chances of having enough money to buy one of the cylindrical black speedsters when they ship this fall are slim to none. Not to worry -- iMore's Peter Cohen has just the answer if you'd like to add some life to your existi...

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Mercury On-The-Go-Pro enclosure keeps your old internal drives useful

People often think there are only two options for old Mac laptops: sell them or throw them away. But there's a third option that can keep parts of your old MacBooks useful for a long time -- a hard drive enclosure. An enclosure allows you to turn any internal hard drive into an external one. ...

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Daily Update for June 21, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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MacBook Pro with Retina display running three external monitors

OWC posted up a photo that is every Mac user's dream. The photo shows a MacBook Pro with Retina Display powering not one, not two, but three external displays in addition to the notebook's own monitor. OWC lists the attached computers which includes the Retina display on the MBP set at its "bes...

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OWC releases kit that allows for dual hard drives in 2011 Mac mini

For those keen on expanding the number of hard drives in the 2011 Mac minis, OWC has released a kit that enables users to add a second 9.5 mm or 2.5" SATA hard drive or a solid-state drive to their machines. The US$49.99 kit includes a 5-piece mini toolkit, a tool for removing the logic board, fo...

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OWC releases Internal SSD DIY kit for iMac

OWC released a do-it-yourself upgrade kit for 2011 27-inch iMac owners that'll let them add an SSD to their current hard drive. The US$45 kit includes all the tools and the power cable needed to add the solid state drive (sold separately). The process requires you to remove the 27-inch glass ...

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Other World Computing at Macworld iWorld 2012

If there's one company at Macworld | iWorld 2012 that epitomizes the leading edge of Apple accessories, it's Other World Computing (OWC). At this year's event, the company is showcasing a number of new or soon-to-be-released products for Mac and iPad. In the Mac realm, OWC is about to release two ...

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Hands on with NuTouch Gloves

iPhone owners who live in cold climates have many solutions for staying warm while using their devices. I've seen gloves with metal dots on their fingers, cutoff gloves with caps that transform into mittens, and gloves with conductive fabric tips designed for use with capacitive screens. The NuTou...

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Two OWC products win TUAW Best of 2011 voting for Best Mac Peripheral or Accessory

We have another winner! Or should I say we have two winners? Other World Computing, familiar to Mac users worldwide as OWC, has two products that won the coveted title of Best Mac Peripheral or Accessory of the Year in TUAW's Best of 2011 voting. Tied with precisely 24.2 percent of the votes ...

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New MacBook Air SSDs are replaceable

No sooner had the new MacBook Air models shown up in Apple Stores than the iFixit team grabbed one for dissection. The site always does a teardown of the latest in Apple technology for the benefit of repair technicians and for hobbyists who love to see what's inside their Macs. The 2011 13" Mac...

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On re-purposing the increasingly useless eject key

The eject key sits in the upper right corner of most modern Apple keyboards. On my big iMac with its SuperDrive, it occasionally gets pressed when I need to kick out a backup DVD, but the rest of the time it sits alone. It's even worse on a MacBook Air. With no SuperDrive to speak of, the eject...

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HDD Fan Control software addresses iMac hard drive replacement issue

Yesterday, Other World Computing wrote a post suggesting you could not install third-party hard drives in the new Sandy Bridge iMacs. According to OWC, any change in the hard drive or switching to a hard drive bay would cause the drive fan to spin at maximum speed. Though this problem does exis...

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OWC: Replacing main hard drive with third-party is not an option in new iMacs

The folks over at Other World Computing, best known for providing affordable upgrades for your Mac, delivered some bad news regarding installing a third-party hard drive in the new Sandy Bridge iMacs. Apparently, Apple altered the SATA power connector in such a way that removing the hard drive f...

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