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Tim Cook and other Silicon Valley luminaries set to meet with Obama tomorrow to discuss, NSA surveillance and more

Tim Cook, along with a sizable number of other executives, will descend upon the White House tomorrow, where the collective brain trust will discuss the website and the ever-evolving story that is NSA surveillance. The news comes courtesy of Time, which relayed a few quotes from a ...

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President Obama not allowed to use an iPhone for security reasons

US President Barack Obama has revealed that he is not allowed to use an iPhone due to security fears. Speaking to a group of young people at an event promoting the new healthcare law, Obama said, "I'm not allowed for security reasons to have an iPhone," reports SecurityWeek. The president then add...

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President Obama meets with Tim Cook, other tech execs to discuss surveillance

On Thursday, President Barack Obama met with Tim Cook and other tech executives from companies like Google and AT&T to discuss government surveillance, reports Politico. Civil liberties leaders were also at the closed-door meeting. The White House declined to comment about the details of the...

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How one ITC commissioner's dissent opinion cleared the way for veto of Apple product ban

For those of you that have an interest in patent law or an interest in the ITC's ruling in the Apple-Samsung case, which President Barack Obama just vetoed, then you should check out this piece from Philip Elmer-DeWitt. In the piece, Elmer-Dewitt explains how the ITC's original ruling forced the f...

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Verizon asks President Obama to veto iPhone ban

Last June, ITC handed down an order banning Apple from importing older AT&T-based models of the iPhone and iPad after finding that they infringed upon a Samsung patent. The specific models encompassed by the ban include the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and the first two generations of the iPad. The ITC ru...

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Obama to propose plan targeting Patent Trolls

With well over $100 billion in the bank, it's no great surprise that Apple, more than any other company on the planet, finds itself on the receiving end of lawsuits initiated by patent trolls. In 2012 alone, Apple was hit with 44 lawsuits from patent trolls, otherwise known as non-practicing entit...

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Follow the Presidential inauguration with the official Inaugural 2013 app

Earlier today, Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term as the 44th president of the United States. Although the public inaugural is Monday, legally the President is installed by 12 noon on January 20; when that date lands on a Sunday, the swearing-in is done twice, with the second public ...

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Infinity Blade creators parody themselves with VOTE!!

Here's a surprise on the App Store this week -- Infinity Blade creators Chair Entertainment have suddenly released a politically-themed parody of their own game, called VOTE!!!. The app should be out on the North American App Store later on this evening -- it's essentially a battle from Infinit...

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Steve Jobs gave President Obama a pre-release iPad 2

Image via White House Flickr account In an interview with ABC, US President Obama said that Steve Jobs personally gave him an iPad 2 a couple of weeks before it was unveiled. This timing would line up with the dinner Obama had with Silicon Valley luminaries like then-Google CEO Eric Schmidt a...

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President Obama gets an iPad 2 filled with Polish pride

President Obama is on a European tour, and one of his stops included Poland. Before parting, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk gave President Obama several gifts, a usual custom for visiting dignitaries. One of those gifts was an iPad 2. President Obama already has an iPad 2, but TUAW reader Da...

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President Obama finally owns an iPad

Last November President Obama saw Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva using an iPad while at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders' retreat in Yokohama, Japan. After a brief exchange about the iPad versus lugging around books, it appears the President was swayed. Maybe it's the ...

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Steve Jobs to meet with President Obama today

According to ABC News, President Obama's West Coast field trip is going to kick off in San Francisco with dinner. Not just any dinner, mind you. This happens to be dinner with the outgoing CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg (who built some sort of newfangled website) and our own Uncle Stev...

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President Obama signs another iPad

At the NATO summit in Lisbon, Portugal, an iPad-toting attendee approached President Obama and asked him to sign his 21st century autograph pad. The President replied, "I've done this once before." Back in October, President Obama signed an iPad at a rally at the University of Washington. As Dave...

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Steve Jobs chilling with President Obama today

According to Business Insider, President Obama is scheduled to be flying into the San Francisco area this afternoon to attend an event for District Attorney Kamala Harris and to deliver remarks at a later dinner. What isn't on the President's public agenda, according to an anonymous source familiar...

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White House releases official app for free

The White House (as in, the home of the American President Barack Obama) has introduced a brand new iPhone app, according to White House blogger Dave Cole. The app is a one-stop shop for everything there is to know about what the president's up to, including blog posts, a newsroom, photos, videos, ...

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