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OmniGroup makes several apps freeware

OmniGroup has announced that they have decided to release several of their previously shareware applications as freeware. These are: OmniWeb, one of the first Mac web browsers with roots going back beyond even OS X; OmniDazzle, a fun screen effects application, potentially useful for presentations a...

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OmniWeb 5.8 released

The Omni Group has released version 5.8 of OmniWeb, its venerable browser software. OmniWeb 5.8 is now based on the same version of Webkit as Safari 3.1.x. It also fixes bugs with Spaces, and adds support for non-POSIX file URLs. Users can also choose Google Chrome in the list of user-agent strings...

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NeXT collection on eBay

Combining two of our little trends lately, retroware and eBay vintage, here's the motherload for any NeXT fan-- a complete (and boy do I mean complete) set of NeXT computer cube stuff on eBay. Holy cow that's a lot of stuff-- he's a matching grayscale (!) display and speakers, all the cables, a sp...

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Search your Stikkits from Quicksilver, browsers

Remember that iNik guy we mentioned, who put together a handy package of Mac OS X tools that interact with Stikkit, the online PIM that thinks so you don't have to? He swung by our original post to mention that he's posting all sorts of Stikkit tips for working with this wholly unique PIM service (w...

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OmniWeb on sale, $9.95

I nearly choked on my own excitement when OmniWeb was finally universal, and it seems The Omni Group is making one last push to send me to an early grave: For the month of November, they're offering OmniWeb for a nifty $9.95 -- $20 off the original price. I know what you're thinking: Why pay for a b...

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OmniWeb 5.5 released

The Omni Group has put the final touches on the latest iteration of their web browser, OmniWeb 5.5. 5.5 has been in beta for a little while, but now it is ready to run as your primary browser, if you don't mind paying the $29.95 price ($9.95 for an upgrade). Before you balk at the price remember tha...

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OS X Browser lineup

The Apple Blog has a nice overview of the multitude of web browsers that are available our favorite OS (that's OS X, folks). Why? Because the nice people at TAB want to help you decide which browser is right for you. For my money Camino is the best browser out there for OS X; it has the engine of Fi...

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OS X browser test, fourth edition

After reading this article, I'm simply giddy with self-righteous indignation for all the people who have ever told me I was silly for paying money for a browser. The guys over at macintalk have revived their popular Macintosh browser shootout and re-tested all of the competitors using the latest un...

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OmniWeb 5.5 public beta

Earlier this month, the Omni Group offered a sneak peek of their upcoming 5.5 release of OmniWeb, their feature-rich web browser that pre-dated Netscape by a year. If the preview piqued your interest, you might be interested in their public beta. While this new release doesn't pack in a boatload of...

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Sneak a peek at Omniweb 5.5

Omni has let slip some tidbits about the forthcoming (in private beta) version of Omniweb (5.5 for those keeping track). This version will using Apple's Webkit, feature some Aperture influenced menus, and a host of other things. It'll be Universal as well, as fear not Intel Mac users. [via Daring F...

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The Omni Group has a blog

The Omni Group has an Omni Mouth - their new blog, that is. Developers of such fantastic apps as OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle, The Omni Group is joining the ranks of software houses with blogs who want to offer up some insight into being developers, as well as thoughts on the more humorous side of ...

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DrunkenBlog discovers another image that crashes WebKit

Wanna have some fun with Safari (or apparently any WebKit-based browser), a certain picture, and a post at the DrunkenBlog? Apparently, drunkenbatman has come across another image that can crash WebKit and anything based on it, including the Finder and Preview. If you want the full rundown, head ove...

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