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Opera still exists, releases Opera 25 redesign to prove it

When was the last time you used the Opera browser on your Mac? Never? Well if you're a fan of beautiful bookmarks, you might want to consider changing that for Opera 25. The new Opera update brings with it something the company calls Visual Bookmarks, which are essentially large icons pointing you...

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Opera's Coast browser for iPad gets makeover, ditches back/forward buttons

Opera has released a major new version of its iPad web browser Coast today. Version 2.0 adds several new features and builds upon the touch-centric design of its predecessor by doing something pretty radical: removing the back and forward buttons that have been a staple of web browsers since the ear...

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Opera releases 'Coast' iPad browser

Opera Software today released a new browser for the iPad that re-imagines the way users interact with the web. A press release touting the app's release reads in part: The web has evolved exponentially from drab, grey webpages with blue, linked text to vivid, elegant pages with complex graphi...

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Opera 15 now available for Mac

For almost 20 years, the Opera web browser has provided an alternative for web surfers who don't want to use the browser packaged with their computer. Its latest incarnation, Opera 15, has been released for OS X, and it's the first version that was built using the open-source Chromium engine. Wh...

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Opera hits 300M users, will transition to WebKit this year

Opera, the web browser available for Mac, iOS, PC and Andriod, has reached 300 million monthly users, the company has announced in a press release. Opera Software ASA also notes that the Opera web browser will be transitioning to the WebKit engine in future versions, taking advantage of the p...

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WebKit-based Opera Ice browser heading to iOS

Another new browser is about to make its debut on iOS, but its name is at least partly familiar. Pocket-lint is reporting that Opera Software is planning to launch a new mobile browser called Ice sometime in February that's specifically designed for phones and tablets -- and jettisons the compa...

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Opera Mini for iOS updated to 6.0.1

Opera Mini uses Webkit (as per Apple's rules), but also uses Opera's backend tech for caching and serving up pages somewhat faster than Safari alone. Opera was just updated and here's what's new: Improved YouTube video integration Added single column view Added Opera Mobile Store ico...

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Opera Mini for iPad now available

Opera rolled out version 6 of its popular web browser for iOS today. The latest version of Opera Mini now supports the iPad and the Retina Display of the iPhone 4, two major upgrades that should bring a smile to the face of iOS users. Opera Mini 6 also adds smoother panning and improved pinch-t...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me tame my bookmarks

Dear Aunt TUAW, Help me Auntie! I've got a zillion--maybe 3 or 4 less--bookmarks. I want to validate the good ones and discard the bad. Is there an app for that? I mean automatically do this and then give me options for saving the good/tossing the bad and perhaps even seeing if the root...

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Opera for iPad gets an early hands-on preview

After reportedly being rejected by Apple, Opera Mini for the iPhone finally hit the App Store in April of last year. The alternative browser uses Opera's server-side processing and page compression for lightening fast browsing over slow connections. Almost 10 months after its debut on the iPhone, Op...

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Opera Mini for iPad set for debut

According to a report from Macworld, the iPad is about to get its own version of the popular Opera Mini web browser. The new iPad-centric version will supposedly be released at the Mobile World Congress event starting in Barcelona next week, along with updated versions for the iPhone, Android and Bl...

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Opera 11 for Mac debuts with tab stacking, gestures, extensions and more

Opera 11 for Mac is finally available with all sorts of cool features for you to play with, like "tab stacking," mouse gesture support and extensions. Here's an initial run-down of the major features available in Opera 11 for Mac. Tab stacking is pretty cool. I'm "one of those" people who typical...

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Steve Jobs stops by Paris Opera store

I have my doubts about what's going on here, but I'll let you judge the veracity of this one for yourself. The above video is supposedly a short clip of none other than Steve Jobs walking through the newly opened Paris Opera Apple Store during this past weekend on July 3rd. A commenter on 9to5Mac...

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Hell freezes over: Opera Mini for iPhone approved!

Apple has approved the Opera Mini browser for the iPhone, causing a collective gasp of shock around the Internet. Opera announced the approval this evening, saying that the free app will be available within the next 24 hours. UK and Australian readers are reporting to Engadget that they're abl...

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Is Apple giving Opera for iPhone the Google Voice treatment?

When Opera Software submitted their browser to the App Store, there was a flurry of blog posts and speculation as to whether it would be approved or rejected. Fifteen days have passed since then, with neither approval nor rejection being announced. Granted, Apple has been extremely busy with the lau...

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