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Apple announces iOS 7

Apple has announced a new iPhone operating system, iOS 7. On stage today during the WWDC keynote, Tim Cook said iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the new iPhone. As expected, the new operating system features a much flatter and cleaner look, a sort-of 3D home screen ...

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Macworld discovers the most loved (and hated) features of OS X

With WWDC and revamps of iOS and OS X on the horizon, Macworld conducted an interesting survey, asking its readers what they liked and disliked most about Apple's desktop operating system. As Macworld admits, the survey isn't scientific and only polled 5,000 responses, which is a drop in the buc...

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Top 10 subtle Mountain Lion features (and a few more)

Lifehacker has put together a list of what they call the "top 10 secret features of Mountain Lion." That's not quite right -- these features aren't secret, because it would be pretty silly to release an OS update and not tell anyone about it. But they are subtle, and this is a nice list of feat...

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Users take to iOS 5.1 surprisingly quickly

Developer David Smith has posted upgrade stats for his users in terms of their adoption to iOS 5.1, and as you can see above, the curve is pretty steep. iOS upgrading has always been sort of an issue for Apple -- in the past, users (I mean outside of the elite readers and staff of TUAW, of cour...

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Mountain Lion developer preview changes file renaming options

One of my pet peeves with Mac OS X always appears when I'm in the process of opening a file from an app and want to either make a duplicate of an original or just want to rename the file. With Lion and previous versions of OS X, that meant that I'd have to close the "Open" dialog, open a Finder wi...

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Chitika: Mac OS X market share jumps in September

Chitika Insights grabs online advertising data to monitor and report on Internet trends, one of which is the market share of various computer operating systems. There was a surprise reported for Mac OS X in the latest report -- the market share for Apple's desktop/laptop OS climbed 1.039 to 10....

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Lion's iOS-like Automatic Termination not ideal for some users

Matt Neuberg over at Tidbits has noticed an interesting behavior in Lion: Occasionally, apps running without an active window on will disappear from the Command-Tab application switcher, and sometimes disappear from Activity Monitor completely. The culprit is a new "feature" in Lion called Auto...

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Study finds Macs account for 11% of corporate computers, Windows XP dominates

After 27 years of existence, the Mac may finally be getting some respect in corporations. According to a study by research firm Forrester, Macs have jumped from 9.1% of all computers in enterprises in April, 2010 to 11% in March of 2011. The study looked at 400,000 computers from 2,500 companie...

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TUAW redux: The future of iPhone OS and Mac OS

One of the big topics of discussion yesterday in our TUAW back channel was this post from the New York Times Bits blog. In "Why can't PCs work more like iPhones," Bilton pointed out that the iPhone has given Apple a chance to build a new OS from the ground up. This is a familiar viewpoint to us h...

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Parallels gets down to bare metal with new server software

Parallels has announced a new version of Parallels Server for Mac called the Mac Bare Metal Edition. It's optimized to provide better performance for virtual machines running on an Xserve, and allows multiple, isolated virtual machines to run simultaneously on the same server. Using "hypervisor" ...

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Could Apple be moving to a spectrum of operating systems?

I was eating a late post-Christmas breakfast this morning and perusing my email when I came upon a note from my friend and fellow Apple Consultants Network member Michael Kimble. Mike's been involved with Apple products since before the Mac arrived, so he has seen product trends come and go for deca...

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Snow Leopard: Another upgrader's experience

I got to the Walt Whitman Mall on Long Island yesterday and they were doing land-office business, according to the blue (not orange) shirt I was speaking with. He told me that he lost count, but they must have moved over 150 copies of Snow Leopard per hour. Two minutes later (they really do have...

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Snow Leopard: The price is right!

After years of being thrown table scraps in the way of a few bucks off the price of Windows for the "upgrade" versions, I happily paid the $49 for my Family Pack of Snow Leopard earlier this week. Sure, there are a few people that say things like "Why should I have to pay Apple to fix the mistake...

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Apple issues patch to speed up Airport after troublesome 10.5.8 update

Apple has just released a patch to the AirPort client to remedy the wireless performance problems stemming from the recent Mac OS X update to 10.5.8. Some users had been forced to downgrade or replace the wireless-specific kernel extensions to clear up the issues. The update, weighing in at a sve...

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Lessons from Marcia Brady: why Eric Schmidt should resign from Apple's board

One of my favorite episodes of The Brady Bunch is "Quarterback Sneak." In it, Marcia starts dating Jerry Rogers, quarterback of the Fairview High School football team. Problem is, Fairview happens to be the rival of Marcia & Greg's Westdale High School, and the two teams are scheduled to play in...

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