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Undercover 5: the best way to secure and recover a stolen Mac

A few years ago I wrote about Orbicule's Undercover 4 software. Undercover lets you remotely track and monitor a missing Mac, and can even help you recover your stolen gear. Given the Mac security issues in the news over the last few days, it's worthwhile reviewing some best practices to help k...

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Witness for iPhone turns your Mac into a home alarm system

If you have $40 and a recent Mac with an iSight camera, then you have the makings of a simple home surveillance system thanks to Witness. Developed by Orbicule, Witness is a surveillance app that turns your Mac's camera into a motion sensor. The application runs in the background on your comput...

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Orbicule releases Undercover 4

Orbicule has released Undercover 4 and thieves should be very afraid. Undercover is theft-recovery software for Mac OS X that's been around for the last four years. The software allows users to grab screen shots of the thief using their computer via the Mac's built-in iSight camera and will als...

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