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iOS 5 may offer over-the-air software updates

One major complaint about iOS thus far has been the inability to apply software updates over the air. If you want to move from iOS 4.3.2 to 4.3.3, you have to download the appropriate update through iTunes, or via direct download, assuming you can find the links, plug your iOS device into your Mac...

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Gruber ruminates on Apple's cloud

Recently, Amazon introduced a new cloud-based file storage and media playback system aptly named Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. The debut of this system, which is compatible with Android handsets, kicked off a debate on cloud storage and Apple's lack of a similar mechanisms for its iOS devices. In...

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Rumor: .Mac relaunch to coincide with iPhone 2.0?

A little birdy told us about some unusual happenings at Apple. According to our anonymous tipster, .Mac will undergo a complete revamp that will coincide with the iPhone 2.0 launch (which everyone expects to occur at WWDC 08). We posted about the .Mac push e-mail coming to iPhone 2.0 last night, but...

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