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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is massive in all the right ways

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is not the kind of game you're likely to play in short bursts -- which is probably why the Monster Hunter franchise didn't make the trip to iOS devices sooner -- but that doesn't mean it's not a fantastic gaming experience just the same. If you've not had the pleasure...

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iPhone developer Firemint buys Infinite Interactive, makers of Puzzle Quest

Wow. Color me surprised on this one -- I've been joking around lately about iPhone company acquisitions and buyouts, but here are two companies that never occurred to me. Firemint, creators of the popular Flight Control and Real Racing 2 games on iOS, has outright purchased Infinite Interactive, th...

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Handheld gamers leaving DS and PSP for their phones

A new report on the digital media industry from a firm named Interpret says that mobile phone gaming is rising at an incredible rate, even while traditional handheld gaming (such as games on handheld consoles like Nintendo's DS or Sony's PSP) is falling off. 43.8 percent of the gaming market plays ...

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40.1 million people are playing games on iDevices, 45% fine with in-app ads

Here are two interesting stats about iOS gaming to round out your Monday. First up, a new industry survey says that 40.1 million people in the US are playing games on Apple's mobile devices -- that's over half of the 77 million strong total gaming audience. That's a huge market share, especially con...

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Found Footage: Sony attacks iPhone gaming in new PSP ad

Well, when you get big enough, there's a target painted on your back. Sony has gone after the iPhone and the App Store in a new ad for their PSP gaming system. As you can see above, the ad comes from the "Marcus PSP" series (starring 30 Rock's hilarious Bobb'e J. Thompson as an advice-giving kid), ...

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Apple gains 19% share of portable gaming market, 5% of everything

Flurry's got lots of new data this week -- earlier, we heard that 44% of apps coming to the iPad are going to be games, and now they're saying that Apple is making huge headway into the gaming market overall. According to the latest numbers, the iPhone OS has nabbed 15% of the mobile game market aw...

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Rumor: Sony developing PSP phone to challenge iPhone

In terms of sales, Sony's PSP has been getting trounced by the various incarnations of Nintendo's DS since day one. Despite the PSP's better graphics and flexibility as a mobile media platform, the DS has grabbed hold of the handheld gaming market and shows no sign of letting go. Since the introd...

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Game developers on iPhone outnumber DS and PSP two-to-one

Game Developer Research has published its 2009/10 survey of video game developers, and the results are pretty impressive for the still relatively fledgling iPhone platform: The number of developers who are working on mobile games increased by 12 percent, and there are actually twice as many develope...

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GTA Chinatown coming to the iPhone

Payback has been doing pretty well on the iPhone as a Grand Theft Auto clone, but the real thing is coming soon, apparently -- Rockstar Games says that they'll be bringing the acclaimed DS hit Chinatown Wars to Apple's iPhone and iPod touch platforms. Pretty big news, not only for GTA fans looking ...

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Rumor: Apple considering a $19.99 price point for App Store games?

It's just a rumor at this point, but yes, apparently it's floating around out there that Apple may be considering a $19.99 price point for "premium" games in the App Store. That would be a direct response not only to bigger developers who say a 99 cents to $9.99 price point is too low for them to ju...

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Analysts catch on to Apple's games play

We want to personally welcome analysts to earlier this week -- we realized right after Tuesday's big event that Apple was making a foray into the handheld gaming world with the new iPod touch model. If there was any question, Apple even sent out an email this past week to customers asking them to ...

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VisualHub 1.24 brings new high-resolution settings, tons more features

I just have to come right out and say it: VisualHub is one of the best darn things to happen to video encoding since DVD Jon worked his magic. It's a fantastic app that rocks the house when it comes to encoding videos - especially in batches - and it just got a lot cooler with a v1.24 update. Along ...

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Sony's answer to the iPhone: the PSP?

The iPod is the 21st century Walkman and it seems that Sony isn't content to let Apple potentially dominant the internet communication market with the iPhone. They have teamed up with BT (that's British Telecom to you) to offer a number of new features on the PSP. The new features include video and ...

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Sony video downloads to challenge iTunes?

Online video sales may take in about a third of a billion dollars this year. Sony wants in on the action. According to today's Financial Times, Sony is making plans to enter the video download market, specifically to provide content for its existing 20 million plus PSP installed base. Amazon's mov...

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Mark/Space announces Missing Sync for PSP

Mark/Space, purveyors of popular Missing Sync middle-man software that lets more than just iSync-friendly devices shake hands with your Mac, has just announced yet another version in their lineup: Missing Sync 1.0 for the PSP. In addition to all those games, movies and music files you're lugging aro...

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