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Jobs bio fosters resurgence in Apple-branded TV rumors

The Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs has just been officially released and now everyone from TUAW readers to Wall Street analyst Gene Munster is reading between the lines to see what Apple's "next big thing" will be. The biggest rumor? That Apple will be coming out with a branded HDTV th...

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Five reasons why Apple TV matters

Steve Jobs admitted it. Apple TV is a hobby. He has stated so more than once. But there are compelling reasons to believe that the newly released Apple TV Mark 2 matters even more than its expected sales (currently estimated at about a million devices per quarter) might indicate. Here are some o...

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Elgato says no to voluntary DRM broadcast flags

Yesterday, I was reading through our sister site TV Squad and saw this post about Broadcast Flags that prevent PCs from recording shows. Broadcast flags, which are signals sent in a digital TV data stream, indicate whether shows should or should not be recorded by third party equipment such as PVRs....

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Show floor video: El Gato HD hardware and EyeTV 3

While we wait for Apple to cram a TV tuner or cable card into the Apple TV (don't hold your breath-- seriously), El Gato continues to pump out some nice hardware/software tools for watching the tube on your Mac. One thing that caught my eye: you can start distributing recorded live video around your...

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HDHomeRun HDTV Mac Streaming Tool

I first heard about the HDHomeRun on DL.TV a while back, and while it looked very interesting I was left disappointed that it lacked full Mac support. The HDHomeRun is a cool little device that contains two over-the-air HDTV tuners to receive HDTV and then stream that HD content over your home ethe...

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New Slingbox supports Mac OS X, Symbian - but where's the software?

It's time to check in again on the Slingbox's journey to Mac OS X, as Dave Zatz pinged us with some more details and a purty picture he took off one of the new Slingbox AV models at Best Buy. Turns out there are going to be three new models - Tuner, AV and Pro. Tuner ($150) goes the bare bones route...

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Now that's a Mac mini PVR

Jeff on 123Macmini sure knows how to turn a Mac mini into an awesome PVR (that's personal video recorder to you). Check out the 'behind the scenes' pic for more details. Well done, sir, well done....

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Elgato releases the eyeTV 250

Elgato, the makers of the popular eyeTV digital TV recording software and hardware for the Mac, today introduced the eyeTV 250. This thing is small, as in barely-bigger-than-an-mouse small (see picture at right). With it, you can watch, pause and rewind live TV, edit recorded shows and schedule reco...

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