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Backboard gives Backpack some Macintosh style

Backpack by 37signals is a terrific online organization and collaboration tool (we've written about Backpack many times). Those wanting a desktop application that works with Backpack have used the popular Packrat. This week, Lars Steiger has offered a solution with more Macintosh style, called Backb...

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Beta Beat: Packrat developer seeks beta users

Rod over at Infinite NIL is looking to test the latest version of Packrat (the offline client for Backpack, 37 Signals' online organization software), and if you turn out to be a "useful" tester, there could be a free license in it for you. The new version will synch right up with the latest build o...

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PackRat 40% off at MacUpdate Promo today only

My favorite offline synching client for Backpack, the web-based personal information manager, is 40% off today at MacUpdate Promo. Whether you toss a few snippets of your daily information into Backpack or you're a heavy user with 20+ pages for all your projects, PackRat is a killer desktop clien...

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PackRat 1.3 supports new Backpack, adds more exclusive features

Backpack, the fantastic online PIM from 37signals, was recently updated with some solid new features like drag-and-dropping items from one page to another and the ability to reorder items any way you chose on a page (i.e. - lists and notes no longer have to be lumped together in their own sectio...

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PackRat 1.2: Backpack client adds better list management and a new trial period

Going on vacation to see your just-born nephew and family will do funny things to you, like missing a handy update to a dear, dear application. Rod Schmidt's PackRat, the killer desktop client for the online PIM Backpack that we've mentioned once or twice, has been updated to v1.2 with some great...

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PackRat 1.1 adds AppleScript and Automator support

Someone must have answered Rod Schmidt's call for AppleScripters, as he has just released PackRat 1.1, a major update to his offline Backpack syncing app that brings double-whammy support for both AppleScript and Automator. You can now get almost all your Backpack data via script, which means power ...

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PackRat dev calls for AppleScripters

Rod Schmidt, developer of PackRat, has issued a call for AppleScripters who are interested in automating his rocking Backpack client. PackRat, to my knowledge, doesn't have AppleScript support yet, but that does seem to be at the top of the request list and would mark another powerful feature PackRa...

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PackRat goes 1.0

PackRat, the killer syncing and offline Backpack client that does even more than Backpack itself, has reached an official 1.0 status. After more than a year in the oven, developer Rod Schmidt posted an understandably excited announcement on his company's blog, complete with some new features that ro...

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PackRat author solicits software feature requests

On Sunday, software developer Rod Schmidt, author of PackRat, the Backpack service client, posted a request on his blog. He's interested in creating a PackRat-like client for project collaboration tool Basecamp. PackRat, if you recall, is an OS X tool that lets you work offline on your Backpack dat...

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PackRat 0.94 introduces Backpack reminder editing

Rod Schmidt has released an update to PackRat, quite possibly the only offline Backpack client, that brings a major new and much-requested feature: the ability to add, edit and delete reminders. Now I've mentioned PackRat once or twice before here at TUAW, and this rockin' new feature almost compl...

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Packrat v0.91 now does list reordering

Packrat, for those not in the know, is the only full-fledged Backpack desktop client I've ever seen, and it's especially killer because it does offline editing for all your Backpack items and pages. Its developer, Rod Schmidt, just added a key new feature that's been on everyone's request list, incl...

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Packrat 0.87 released with page link editing, creation

Packrat, an offline Backpack client that I just can't say enough about, has been updated to version 0.87. Though it is another minor version point update, it features the ability to edit links, including dragging one page onto another to create a link. With all its other abilities of editing pages, ...

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New Packrat version adds true list and note creation

A new Packrat version (version 0.84 build 220) has enabled 100% edit-ability of lists and notes on pages, including the create of new lists and notes on pages that previously had none. To facilitate this, a new 'Action' button has been added to Packrat's toolbar, containing 'create new note/list' c...

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Packrat update brings more Backpack editing, bug fixes

Packrat, the offline editing and syncing client for Backpack, has been updated to version 0.83 build #206 (I know, it isn't as pretty as 'Packrat 2.0', but you'll live). More editing abilities have been added, as you can now delete emails you have sent to Backpack pages, edit the page title and bod...

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Packrat can now edit Backpack notes, too

I don't mean to post an update every time the developer of Packrat sneezes, but this one is for those anxiously waiting for editing functionality (including when offline) with their Backpack account. I just noticed on Packrat's product page that the feature list now says: "New: edit your lists and ...

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