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Baby Monitor 3G makes watching your baby much easier with new OS X version

Having a baby requires constant vigilance -- morning and night you are watching over your little one to keep them safe and happy. One indispensable tool for parents is a baby monitor that lets you watch over your child from afar. If you have an old iOS device lying around, then you might want to s...

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More iPhone prototypes revealed to disprove Sony design influence

Samsung and Apple face off in court this week when jury selection in their big patent infringement trial begins in the US. As the two gear up for their legal battle, tech journalists are still pulling out prototype images, emails and other information from the briefs that reveal a side of Apple...

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Apple rejecting apps with "Pad" in the title

Apple is extremely protective of its trademarks, and has begun rejecting App Store submissions with "Pad" in the main title. 9to5 Mac notes that Jesse Waites, the developer behind ContactPad, has recently had an update for his app rejected because of its name (note that ContactPad is currently av...

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Notepod+ helps you sketch your iPad ideas

From the makers of the Notepod comes the Notepod+, which does for the iPad what the original paper version of the iPhone accomplished. It allows you to sketch out any app ideas or UI insights you might happen to have laying around. One of the refrains we heard from at Macworld last week was that th...

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