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Hate the changes to the Facebook app? You should give Paper a try.

Facebook's Paper app launched to great fanfare and then quickly dropped on the charts. Many commentators decried the app dead in the water -- we may have been among those commentators. Of course, all of that was before the recent changes to Facebook's native iOS app which removed the ability to re...

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FiftyThree's Pencil stylus now on sale in UK, France and Germany

FiftyThree, makers of the amazing Paper app for iPad as well as the accompanying, Bleutooth-enabled Pencil stylus, is now shipping Pencil in the UK, Germany and France. Pencil costs £50 for the Graphite version and £65 for the Walnut variety and are available to order from Amazon UK. Bot...

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Apple settles ebooks price-fixing claim and other news for June 17, 2014

We've got three top stories for you this morning. Apple settles its eBook price-fixing claim out of court, new kids camps are set for Apple Stores this summer and FiftyThree teases a new goodie for Pencil owners. Let's get to it. Apple has settled the eBook price-fixing claim out of court. The ...

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Is it too early to call Facebook Paper a failure?

When Facebook introduced Paper for iPhone early last month, the app quickly skyrocketed to the top of the App Store social network charts because, well, it was from Facebook. But beyond that, the enticing preview video that showcases what Paper is supposed to be about made the app feel extre...

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FiftyThree isn't happy with Facebook's Paper and other news from Feb. 3, 2014

There's a new Paper in town, and it's not the iOS drawing app. Facebook has released its iOS-exclusive revamp of its news feed using the name "Paper," and FiftyThree, the maker behind the first iOS app bearing that moniker, is not happy. FiftyThree released a statement on Monday briefly discussin...

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Here's how to download Facebook Paper even if you don't live in the US

Last week we told you about Paper, Facebook's standalone newsreader/storytelling app. Today Paper launched as an iOS-exclusive app. But beyond being iOS-exclusive, the app is also apparently US-exclusive. Our sister site TechCrunch has offered up a handy workaround that will allow you to download ...

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Facebook introduces Paper for iPhone, coming February 3

Today Facebook announced its latest standalone app, Paper. Launching exclusively on iOS on February 3, the app provides an optimized version of your news feed that allows you to quickly scroll through posts and curated news stories with larger-quality images and text. You can customize what will s...

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FiftyThree building a stylus for Paper sketch app

The developers at FiftyThree, makers of the amazing Paper app for iPad (free, with in-app purchases), are branching out in a new direction -- hardware. The company will soon be marketing a new capacitive stylus called "Pencil" that has shown up in FCC filings, using low-power Bluetooth for connect...

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DODONotes: The perfect marriage of paper and iPhone

DODOcase just announced the perfect accompaniment to Victor's post earlier this week about when and how to use paper versus software. DODONotes (US$13.95) weds a high-quality paper notebook to your iPhone. It's a simple idea, really -- the DODONotes notebook has a cutout on the front of it that...

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Productivity Tip: When and how to use paper vs software

One of the problems with giving people advice is that certain topics are so... personal. Our previous experiences, current technology and outside pressures inevitably corral us into a particular line of thinking or acting. So it is with the debate over paper vs. software solutions. Personally, I'v...

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Tengami is a beautiful journey through heavenly paper

Jennifer Schneidereit is one of three developers who worked with legendary game developers Rare on Kinect Sports. That same group of three later created their own company, Nyamyam games. They started work on their first title, Tengami, about two years ago. Since then, it has been honored with...

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Apple announces Apple Design Award winners at WWDC

Corrected to list Where's My Water as an iPhone winner and D1 Drum Machine as an iPad runner up. Apple has announced the winners of this year's Apple Design Awards at the WWDC conference, and 2012 is apparently the year of games on the Mac. Two games, Deus Ex and Limbo, have claimed both spot...

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Daily iPad App: Paper by FiftyThree may make you an artist

I am not an artist. I love art, but don't have the necessary skills (except for those I've picked up on my own) to really do anything that I'd want other people to see. When some of the early iPad drawing/painting apps started coming out, I eagerly bought them to try, but found that my lack of ...

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Will creativity tools be the "next wave" of iOS apps?

Blogger Erica Ogg over at GigaOM's The Apple Blog brought up an interesting point in a post today, wondering aloud if creativity tools will be the next big wave of iOS apps. There have always been creativity tools, like painting and drawing apps, in the App Store, but Ogg based her comment on t...

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New York Times updates iPhone, iPad apps to offer in-app subscriptions

The Gray Lady herself has assented to Apple's rules about in-app subscriptions, so you can now subscribe to the vaunted New York Times right from the mobile apps on Apple's iPad and iPhone. We're still not talking about the print edition, so you can't log in on your phone and then have the pape...

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