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Mnemonizer uses one weird trick to obscure passwords

I subscribe to the xkcd school of password philosophy. Multiple words are a big pain to type, but they offer good security and memorization. If you prefer to use shorter codes, especially for touch-input devices, consider Mnemonizer (US$0.99). It provides a novel security approach, enabling you to o...

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Tumblr releases emergency update to fix password-sniffing bug

Tumblr has released an emergency update for its iOS app to fix a bug that allowed people to sniff out passwords. Tumblr was notified of the security vulnerability today. The company says that if you have been using its iOS apps, you should also update your Tumblr password and your password on any ...

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Researchers easily crack iOS-generated Hotspot passwords

When you enable the Personal Hotspot feature on your iPhone, iOS will generate a password on your behalf. It's convenient, but recent research from FAU in Germany suggests it is not very secure. According to researchers Andreas Kurtz, Felix Freiling and Daniel Metz, the default hotspot password i...

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Parenting tip: Recover your lost parental control password, or not

Parental Controls on iOS are extremely helpful for parents of iOS-device-using kids. They allow a parent to block in-app purchases, restrict explicit content on the device and block apps that are not needed for younger children (Mail, Safari, etc.). Setting up these restrictions requires a specia...

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Evernote forces password reset after "suspicious activity"

The drumbeat of corporate security issues pounds on, with hybrid cloud/local notekeeping service Evernote reporting this weekend that its internal security team "discovered and blocked suspicious activity" aimed at sensitive areas of Evernote's service. Although neither billing information nor ac...

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Amazon responds to iCloud account hacking

Amazon is taking action after learning of the inadvertent role it played in Wired writer Mat Honan's digital nightmare last week, when his iCloud account password was compromised and his Mac was wiped. Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris told Wired on Monday that processes were being reviewed, but...

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Mat Honan details the Amazon and Apple security flaws that let hackers wipe his MacBook

Late Friday, Wired writer Mat Honan ran into a digital buzzsaw as his iCloud, Gmail and Twitter accounts were compromised in rapid succession. The hackers did a tremendous amount of collateral damage along the way, spewing racist and homophobic tweets on Honan's account plus the Gizmodo Twitter...

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Dropbox sends password change notification to some users

In a blog post today, Dropbox's VP of engineering Aditya Agarwal explained that the online storage company is addressing some key security concerns in the wake of some concerning incidents. Some Dropbox users saw a spike in spam messages to their registered email accounts over the past few week...

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Passwords stored in plain text after Lion update

Legacy FileVault users (those who used FileVault before Lion) running a recently updated version of Mac OS X Lion should consider changing their login passwords. According to a report in ZDNet, an Apple programmer inadvertently left a debug flag in the latest 10.7.3 version of Mac OS X that turns...

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Norton introduces a password manager, Identity Safe (updated)

Norton, better known for its antivirus software, is attempting to take on AgileBits' 1Password with the release of Identity Safe, a password manager for the Mac. Like 1Password, it takes over the task of remembering passwords and generating new ones, keeping the information stored in the cloud....

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OS X Lion accepts any LDAP password, creates enterprise network nightmare

There's nothing more frightening to a network administrator than to have a potential security hole that can open a network to attacks from outside. Unfortunately, the latest incarnation of Mac OS X -- Lion -- reportedly has a major security issue related to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol...

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Security oversight reduces complexity of Apple ID passwords

One of our readers pointed out a hiccup on Apple's security settings for Apple ID passwords. While Apple ID passwords usually require a mix of capital and lowercase letters, this issue removes that condition. Earlier this year Apple changed the password requirements for Apple ID, the credenti...

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Security firm extracts Mac OS user login passwords over FireWire

OMG. Lock up your Mac now! Security firm Passware sent out a PR blast this morning noting that their $995 application Passware Kit Forensic v11 can retrieve Mac OS user login passwords, and they're saying that this "proves Mac OS Lion insecure." The expensive app, which Passware will happily ...

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Mac 101: Using Keychain Access to remember the password you forgot

One of the unsung joys of being a Mac consultant is getting emails from clients with problems that aren't critical enough warrant a billable office visit but still need attention. This morning, I heard from client who needed to add two Macs onto the office AirPort network but couldn't remember ...

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Xmarks finds new owner, isn't going anywhere

Look at that -- while I was sad to hear that my favorite bookmark syncing service Xmarks would be calling it quits after trying and failing to find a profitable business model, its users stepped in to support the service, and at the beginning of this month, Xmarks announced that it would be acquire...

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