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Tag: Paul McCartney

Apple to stream live Paul McCartney Concert to iTunes, Apple TV

Good news for Beatles and music fans. Later this week, Apple is hosting a free live stream of a Paul McCartney concert. McCartney will be performing from Capitol Studios in an event that celebrates the release of McCartney's latest album, Kisses on the Bottom. You'll need to fire up iTunes or your...

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Newest iPod ad star: Sir Paul McCartney

Apple has just unleashed their newest iTunes + iPod and it features a familiar face. Sir Paul McCartney, who you might have heard of before, is given the old iPod treatment. The ad features Sir Paul strumming a guitar mandolin whilst walking and singing 'Dance Tonight,' (iTunes link) from his...

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McCartney on iTunes, Beatles to follow?

Everyone seems to be very excited about the possibility of the Beatles catalog being available on iTunes. Now, I'm a fan of the Beatles, but it seems to me that everyone who is big into the Beatles already has all their work, and even if they were missing somethings the real fans would demand high...

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