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PayPal announced integration with iPad point-of-sale maker Revel Systems

We're almost at the day where you won't have to carry cash or a card to pay for goods and services. Surely you've used Square at a farmer's market, coffee shop, or bookstore, but the payment market is expanding to card-free areas of commerce. PayPal has announced a partnership with Revel Systems...

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Sony waives its publishing fee; Would Apple ever do the same?

Video-game maker Sony has been making a big push for independent developers lately, both on its handheld PS Vita system and on its upcoming PlayStation 4 console, and yesterday, the company took another big step. Sony has decided to waive its usual US$99 fee for PlayStation Mobile developers, me...

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PayPal introducing new iOS SDK, APIs at SXSW

PayPal has announced that it's bringing a new iOS SDK and some new API tools to SXSW next week. As you might expect, the API will allow apps to use PayPal's tools to integrate payment information directly rather than having to go through a separate authorization page. As you can see on the offi...

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Apple to use Passbook at retail stores

With Passbook popping up on every iPhone running iOS 6, Apple will soon let you use the feature at its retail stores. The company will begin rolling out an update to its EasyPay point-of-sale software later this month that allows store employees to scan Passbook-based Apple Store cards for paym...

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The dawning of the age of Pass Kit: virtual ID on the iPhone

As iOS 6 gets ready for its Autumn debut, many users look forward to Passbook, Apple's "new way to organize boarding passes, tickets, gift cards, and loyalty cards." It promises to help empty your wallet of a multitude of small items, replacing them with a single iPhone interface. Just flash your...

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Square to pilot-test iPads in NYC taxicabs

While some things about getting around New York haven't changed much -- the subway is still faster than a taxi 95% of the time, and good luck hailing a ride to the outer boroughs on a rainy Friday afternoon -- the technology inside the taxis has been upgraded quite a bit in the past five years. Ca...

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Square already processing $2 billion in payments

The iOS-based payment system, Square, is blowing up lately, just like we figured it would way back when. The company already handles up to US$2 billion in payments per year, according to the AP, and is used by 750,000 merchants. That "per year" is a little weird to say, especially considering t...

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iZettle credit card reader offers social networking, smart card compatibility

A lot of our European readers are disappointed that the iPhone add-on Square credit card reader won't work in their neck of the woods. Square might not, but Europeans will soon be able to accept credit card payments on their iPhones anyway thanks to the iZettle credit card reader. The device its...

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Amex wants to Serve up money from your iPhone

The ability to leave your wallet at home and pay -- or get paid -- for everything with your iPhone is a hot ticket for financial service providers, and today it got even hotter. Amex announced a new payment service called Serve that is available immediately, and while you'll still need a card...

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Bank app lets you pay bills with iPhone camera

Danske Bank just made it easier to spend money. Banking customers can now pay bills with nothing more than a photo and a tap, boosting the convenience of online payments. Danske Bank's official app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Once installed, users simply launch...

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Dwolla Spots location-based payment app arrives tomorrow

There has been a lot of talk of future iPhones using Near Field Communications (NFC) for payments, but if Dwolla has their way, Apple won't need to add that capability to upcoming hardware. On Wednesday, March 16, Dwolla Spots will be added to the App Store. As seen in the video accompanying th...

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Deutsche Telekom claims Apple will support near-field communication e-wallet

Fun things are afoot at the Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona, Spain. Today's news comes from Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of cell carrier T-Mobile. The corporation announced that it's rolling out the ability to make payments with a near-field communication (NFC) enabled smartpho...

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Apple Stores now selling iPad gift cards

Apple has begun selling their signature silver gift cards inside "iPad Gift Card" packaging just in time for the holiday rush. iLounge says that although the cards themselves aren't anything different than the ones I normally get from family as Christmas gifts, they can now be used to purchase an iP...

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Apperang pays users for app installs

The App Store is a busy place -- there are lots and lots of apps out there, and almost all of them need attention. Some developers are apparently willing to pay for that attention, so enter Apperang, a new service that purports to pay users to install certain apps on their iPhones. MobileCrunch has ...

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Rumor: Apple paying Foxconn workers directly

After all of the trouble last week at Foxconn, the Chinese factory suffering from worker suicides, rumor has it that Apple is stepping up to increase wages at the plant by paying workers directly. A Chinese website claims that Apple may eventually pay workers as a percentage of product sales, tho...

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