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PhatPad offers decent handwriting recognition and numerous sharing options for digital inkers

PhatPad is a note-taking app from PhatWare with a long history that extends back to the early days of Windows Pocket PC. It transitioned to the iOS platform with an iPad app that debuted a few years back. The company is known for its digital inking solutions, which let you write on a tablet device...

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PhatPad giveaway, just in time for the holidays

TUAW recently published a review of PhatPad, a new and very useful note-taking app for the iPad. Among the unique and useful features of PhatPad are handwriting recognition for converting handwritten notes to digital text; a shape recognizer for turning your hand-drawn circles, rectangles and triang...

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PhatPad: a Newton-like note-taking app for iPad

There are so many good note-taking apps out for the iPad that it's hard to believe that someone just came out with one that will probably take the place of the ones we've already installed. That's the case, though, with PhatPad (US$4.99). From PhatWare, a long-time developer of apps for handhelds an...

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TUAW TV Live: EyeTV HD, MacBook Air, and a Newton for the 21st Century

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to another episode of TUAW TV Live! This should prove to be a lively and fun episode of the show, since I have a review of the Elgato EyeTV HD "Mac DVR" queued up to show you. This is a great idea if you have a traditional cable or satellite TV box and you wish...

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