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Tag: Phil Schiller

Apple's Phil Schiller takes ALS "ice bucket challenge", challenges Tim Cook

Have you heard of the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, AKA "Lou Gehrig's Disease") Ice Bucket Challenge? The challenge is a fundraiser to pull in funds for the ALS Association in which celebrities and non-celebrities alike pour a bucket of ice water over their heads and then challenge others to...

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Apple's classic comedy duo: Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller

Looking back on Apple's keynotes ahead of next week's WWDC conference, I've noticed that several of the most enjoyable moments at the company's keynote presentations have been provided by the light-hearted banter between co-founder Steve Jobs and "his only friend" Phil Schiller. The compilation v...

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Video Flashback: Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall following the intro of the iOS SDK

When Apple rolled out the App Store in July of 2008, it gave developers the ability to take an already revolutionary device like the iPhone and take it to unforeseen heights. While mobile apps up to that point were often clunky affairs that featured mediocre graphics, poor user interfaces, and rel...

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New emails highlight Phil Schiller's frustration with Apple's ad agency

Apple and Samsung's ongoing trial continues to provide all sorts of interesting tidbits of information. While we previously described how Apple exec Phil Schiller expressed concern over Samsung's anti-Apple advertising efforts, Business Insider earlier today unearthed an email string showing just ...

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Internal email shows Apple was worried about maintaining iPhone growth in face of cheaper and larger screened alternatives

Phil Schiller wrapped up his testimony today, but not before Samsung attorneys showed the jury an internal Apple email which shows that the company was keenly aware that maintaining iPhone growth going forward was fraught with challenges. According to Ina Fried over at Re/Code, the email in quest...

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Phil Schiller to testify in upcoming Apple/Samsung trial

With Apple and Samsung still bickering over their last trial, it's hard to believe that the two companies this March will begin a completely new patent infringement trial over a bevy of accused Samsung products. With the trial date steadily approaching, Phil Schiller will soon have to tuck in his...

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Phil Schiller slams Android in WSJ interview hours before new handsets are to be introduced

In another unusual move for Apple marketing: Phil Schiller slammed Google's Android OS as a "fragmented" system in a Wall Street Journal interview. The interview came just 24 hours before Samsung is set to unveil their new smartphone. The new comments also come less than a week after Phil Schil...

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Phil Schiller tweets followers: "Be safe out there"

Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller isn't known for using Twitter all that much, but he tweeted a link today and warned his followers to "Be safe out there." What was the link? It was to a Mobile Threat Report (PDF) from F-Secure, which highlighted a number of sec...

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Phil Schiller: No cheap iPhone in the works (Updated)

We've been hearing rumors of a cheaper iPhone for longer than we'd care to remember, and while everyone from the Wall Street Journal to Bloomberg is trumpeting the budget iPhone horn, Apple's own Phil Schiller is doing his best to put an end to it. TNW reports that in an interview with China's Sha...

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Tim Cook visits Apple reseller in China

Apple CEO Tim Cook is in China supposedly meeting with government officials to talk about China's IT industry and Apple's role in this burgeoning field. It's not all business for the affable CEO, who used part of that time to soak up the local flavor. According to AppleInsider and M.I.C. Gadget...

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Phil Schiller to provide further testimony to Samsung Electronics

Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, will take the stand again in the ongoing legal battle between his company and Samsung. The US District Court for the Northern District of California has ordered both Samsung and Apple to make a number of executives available fo...

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Phil Schiller on the state of the Mac

After Apple unveiled its refreshed lineup of Mac computers on Tuesday, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller talked to Harry McCracken about the Mac and how it has evolved over the years. "This is what Apple has always been about, and the Mac has been about, from the first ...

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The iPod touch doesn't have a light sensor because it's 'too thin'

Kevin Tofel over at GigaOm stepped into the sunlight this past week (a dangerous endeavor for any blogger, let me tell you), and found out something strange about his new iPod touch: It doesn't have an autobrightness function. That's because it doesn't have a light sensor at all, apparently: Th...

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Phil Schiller gets a new title at Apple

As first spotted by TheNextWeb, Phil Schiller has a new title at Apple. Previously he was the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, but now Apple's Executive Profiles page and Schiller's own bio state his title as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. As TheNextWeb poi...

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A look at Apple's "all-star" executives

Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Jony Ive, and Steve Jobs are big names at Apple. These top executives are known around the technology industry and around the world for their operational excellence, marketing know-how, design genius and powerful reality distortion fields. While these four men often get ...

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