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Tag: Piracy

Popcorn Time lets you easily stream torrents and raises troubling questions about the future of intellectual property

Imagine your perfect Netflix. Instead of the mixed bag of occasional new releases and B-list back catalog, your streaming options rival anything you could find on iTunes. Instead of paying full price to own or a premium rate to rent, it's all just sitting there, waiting to be streamed with a cli...

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North Korea launches targeted attack... on Angry Birds

North Korea's government-approved Samjiyon tablet is about as desirable as you'd guess, but there's something the sad little slate has that even the iPad doesn't: a built-in copy of Angry Birds Rio. As The Washington Post reports, Angry Birds creators Rovio Entertainment confirmed the existence of...

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Ars looks at App Store grifters and quick money

Anyone who has searched the App Store for a specific app has undoubtedly encountered the phenomenon of being overwhelmed, or at the very least confused, by a deluge of apps that all sound and appear to be similar in name. The sad reality is that anytime an app experiences even a modicum of success o...

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Chinese hackers launch pirate App Store, no jailbreak needed

Chinese hackers have launched a pirate app store that allows people to download pirated iOS apps with no jailbreaks needed. The online web store uses geolocation to determine a user's whereabouts. If the user is outside of China, he is not granted access to the store, instead being redirected t...

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Tweetbot for iOS outs pirate users

A lot of us at TUAW use Tapbots' wonderful Tweetbot iPhone app to feed our mobile Twitter habit. The US$2.99 price tag is apparently off-putting to some iPhone users who want the excellent features of Tweetbot, but would rather pirate the app than pay three measly bucks for it. Gizmodo UK has d...

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New services allow app piracy without jailbreaking

With the fall of app piracy tool Installous and the seemingly difficult-to-jailbreak iOS 6 holding its own, it might appear that those who prefer to pirate apps rather than pay for them would be having a rough time. According to TNW, that's simply not the case. Thanks to a pair of services whic...

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Battle Dungeon goes offline due to piracy

Battle Dungeon is a tactical strategy multiplayer game for iOS that arrived on the App Store about a week ago, but it's no longer there. The developer announced on its website that it has pulled the game from the store due to piracy. The US$4.99 game (also supported by in-app purchases) experie...

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Enfour shares more details about app piracy

A few days ago, we wrote about the story of Enfour, an app developer that's specialized in a bunch of dictionary apps, who recently tried to shame pirates of their apps over Twitter, in a plan that caught too many legitimate users and didn't end up so great. Ars Technica went to chat to Enfour ...

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Dictionary apps try to shame supposed pirates, plan backfires

A series of Dictionary apps recently took an, um, "innovative" path to fighting software piracy, though it didn't quite work out as expected. Enfour is the developer of quite a few dictionary-style apps on the store, and it recently implemented an anti-piracy system that hijacked the pirate's T...

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Chinese authors suing Apple increase in number, target cash amount

In January of 2012, TUAW reported on a group of nine Chinese authors who were banding together to sue Apple for allegedly hosting pirated copies of their literary works through apps in the App Store. At that time, the nine authors were asking for total compensation in the range of US$1.88 million....

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Chinese authors want Apple to pay $1.88 million for allegedly hosting pirated ebooks

Last July, a group of Chinese authors petitioned Apple to stop distributing their books through multiple apps in the App Store. The group, called the Writers Rights Alliance, is now suing Apple for US$1.88 million for allegedly hosting pirated books. The nine writers in the group say that 37 of ...

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Apple reportedly cracking down on App Store pirates

According to a post this morning on Ars Technica, Apple is taking legal measures to make it more difficult for pirated copies of App Store apps to make their way to the hands of iOS device owners. The company is sending takedown notices to Apptrackr, a site that commonly directs users to cracke...

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Miramax CEO says Apple is a threat to the music industry

Miramax CEO Mike Lang told the audience at MIPCOM that Apple is a bigger threat to the music industry than piracy. Miramax was a Disney property (of which Steve Jobs is the largest shareholder) until it was sold last year. Lang told the packed audience that "Apple is the strongest company in th...

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Former EMI boss says Limewire users were major iTunes customers

Douglas C. Merrill used to work for record label EMI, one of the biggest members of the RIAA. He was forced out just a year later, but now he's sharing information from inside the company. And some of that information points to an interesting conclusion about music pirates: they often end up be...

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Developer frustrated over Game Center use by pirates

The developer of an iOS game that offers Game Center support is frustrated with Apple over their apparent inability to block pirated games from the Game Center leaderboards. GAMEized developer Luís Fonseca said in a blog posting that he had high hopes for his FingerKicks soccer game when...

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