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iOS 7.1's new shift key icons are rad

"What's the matter with the shift key icon, honey? It's still Rock & Roll to me" -- Surprisingly not actual lyrics by Billy Joel Today, as 7.1 rolled in, major complainage could be heard echoing through the TUAW back channels. "OMG," the afflicted cried, "The world is at an end -- Apple...

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iPad, schmipad, give me a MacBook Air on the road

This morning Erica asked me to take a look at a post she had written about how well the iPad works as a laptop replacement. Although I agree with many of the points she makes in the post, I have to vehemently disagree with the entire idea that an iPad can be a true laptop replacement in times of nee...

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iPad apps to the rescue

"Whenever there's a fight so hungry people can eat, I'll be there. Whenever they's a cop beatin' up a guy, I'll be there... I'll be in the way guys yell when they're mad an'-I'll be in the way kids laugh when they're hungry an' they know supper's ready. An' when our folks eat the stuff they raise an...

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