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Tag: Postal service

Daily iPad App: Owney: Tales from the Rails captures a piece of American history

Did you know that the US Postal Service has a mascot and you can visit him at the National Postal Museum in Washington, DC? To learn more about this little-known piece of American history, you should install the Owney: Tales from the Rails app on your iPad. Developed by the Smithsonian, the T...

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Postcards from the EDGE network

Two new apps both provide the same service to iPhone users -- sending postcards to U.S. addresses from your iPhone. I'm not talking about virtual electronic postcards; instead, these are real postcards that are printed at a location near your recipient's address, then delivered by the U.S. Postal ...

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Even more Postal Service/Apple Intel Ad drama: Apple 'censors' Postal Service video

The above image is from a side by side comparison of the Postal Service's video for 'Such Great Heights,' to itself done by Elite Productions. It compares the video as it is seen on the iTMS (on the left) and in 'wild.' You'll notice that the video from the iTunes Music store has the words 'Skywork...

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Apple Intel ad a ripoff of Star Trek First Contact?

I don't want to add fire to the Postal Service/Apple Intel ad controversy, but a keen eyed observer notes that the Postal Service video is a ripoff of a scene in Star Trek: First Contact, therefore Apple isn't just ripping off a rock and roll band but a cultural icon. Now, before you firing your co...

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The Postal Service speaks about Intel Ad

Who would have thought that the most controversial thing to come out of Macworld would be the commercial that Apple produced to hawk the idea of Intel inside Macs? Certainly not this pundit, though I also didn't think that iPod would sell, and I thought the Cube would be a hit. It seems that the one...

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Apple & The Postal Service: Friends

Oh, what were we all so worried about? Consider the whole "controversy" (if you want to call it that) surrounding Apple's latest Intel ad and The Postal Service's video for the song Such Great Heights to be water under the bridge. As a number of our eagle-eyed readers have pointed out, the...

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Apple Intel ad not so original?

Leander Kahney reports that Apple new Intel ad that is getting all sort of love from Mac fan everywhere, might have been done before and not by Apple. It seems that the Postal Service (a rock and roll band that the kids are listening to) has a video for 'Such Great Heights' which bears an uncanny r...

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