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Why what you think about that "new category" thing may be all wrong

Spectacle. We love it. That moment when technology changes and our minds are blown. It's easy to forget that many "one more thing" things were actually pretty boring: the iPod mini, Safari for Windows, the Power Mac G5. Our current obsession with "new categories" derives from the heroin-like hi...

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The greatest Apple product leaks of all time

There's been much buzz these past couple of days around the leaked images and videos of the 4th generation iPhone. Despite the current hubbub, secrecy is at the heart of the Apple ethos, and it serves two primary purposes: to protect trade secrets, and to create a buzz. When products leak, it's lik...

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Rig of the Day: Thomas Dolby's setup

Yes, that Thomas Dolby. Flickr user randomduck snapped a shot of his on-stage rig which consisted of contemporary and (modded) vintage equipment, all of which is controlled by a dual-processor Power Mac G5. For a more detailed run down of what's pictured, check out Thomas' blog. "Thomas Dolby's on-...

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New firmware update for single Power Mac G5 model

If you've got a 1.8 GHz, single processor Power Mac G5 (Late 2004), Apple has released a firmware update just for you. Firmware update 1.1, posted Wednesday, "improves the reliability of your Power Mac G5, especially after it has been inactive for two hours." Make sure OS X 10.4.3 is insta...

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Rig of the Day: A nice home studio

Flickr user, TUAW reader, and slayer of the living dead Zombie Killer is responsible for today's Rig of the Day. His home studio features two 20" Cinema Displays, a dual 2.0GHz Power Mac G5, a couple guitars, a couple of basses and a whole rack of fun stuff. The snapshot has been carefully not...

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Rig of the Day: Mind the Mac, Chewie

Last week we posted a rig that prompted reader minty95 to comment, "Loving the rig pictures, but hey guys, what's with being so tidy? How about a few messy desks over the next few days..." Ask and you shall receive. Today's rig comes from narcofiche, and features (among other things) a 20...

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