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Adorable family convinces Grandma a chocolate phone is an iPhone

Nothing says Christmas like pulling adorable pranks on your loved ones. One intrepid YouTube user took the holiday season as a chance to convince his grandmother than she'd just been given a brand new iPhone. There's just one catch; Grandma isn't interested in one of these fancy new devices. Her...

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Prank your friends with a Camera RickRoll

Rickrolling is almost as old as the world wide web itself, but filling someone's iOS Camera Roll with photos of the beloved Rick Astley is something I've never seen done before. This new take on the rickroll requires you to gain access to your friend's device, which might be a bit tricky, but the ...

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The 5 best pranks to play on anyone with an iPhone

Do you feel like having some fun at the expense of your iPhone-toting friends? There are a number of nasty things you can do to anyone with a mobile phone -- switching contact numbers, for example -- but there are a few special tricks you can pull on those with the iPhone, and here are the best of...

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Apple HQ could have Google deliver them some iPads, and I hope they do

Today, Google announced that its Google Shopping Express service -- which will run to select area stores, take care of your shopping list and then deliver the items to your doorstep -- is now available to virtually all of San Francisco as well as a huge chunk of the peninsula all the way down to, ...

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Create an April Fools pranklet with iPhoneception

Looking for a cute and harmless April Fool's day prank for your iPhone. Consider iphoneception. It's a site that creates one of four special effects that mimic the iPhone's home screen, making users think that something deeply weird has happened to their unit. Best of all, at least in terms o...

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iPhone 4's Operation Doorbell reveals mystery ringer

One of our readers sent us a story that was too good not to share. James, an iOS developer living in the UK, cleverly rigged his iPhone 4 against the peephole in his front door to catch a prankster that had been ringing his doorbell and running away every morning. His story is below. For the ...

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Eight cruel iPad wallpaper tricks

Pranksters, start your engines. Gizmodo lists eight tricks you can play on your iPad-owning, smug and self-satisfied friends to wipe the grins off their mugs. They've got a full gallery of options here; I especially like the SPOD screen, and the Wishful Thinking version shown here (multitasking! Fla...

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