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Apple's new iCloud pricing: Better, bigger, still not much for free

Apple has announced new iCloud pricing, kind of an important thing when you consider that the company will soon be asking us to take more of our images and documents off of our devices and entrust them to the cloud. The new pricing strategy starts off the same -- a measly 5 GB of storage for free ...

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The MacBook Air is directly competing with iPad pricing for the first time

The iPad and MacBook Air have always competed with each other in terms of on-the-go computing, but the two have always been separated by price. No matter the specs of your dreamy iPad, you could never get an ultra-slim MacBook for the same price - until today, that is. With the 11" MacBook Air dro...

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Apple raises iPhone prices in France

Apple has raised the price of the iPhone 5s and 5c in France. The price changes were first noticed by French Apple site iGen. Though the changes aren't too drastic, they will set iPhone buyers in the country back an additional €10 to €18 depending on the device. Previously the 16 GB, 32...

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It's time for an App Store pricing revolution

Loyalty is a powerful factor in consumer choice, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a company that has benefited more from customer loyalty than Apple. That's what makes the company's lack of support for software upgrade pricing so puzzling. Offering a discount on a new product (or more fleshed-o...

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T-Mobile changes its iPhone 5 pricing again

In what seems to be a running theme with T-Mobile, the telecoms company has once again changed its iPhone 5 pricing. As first reported by TmoNews, T-Mobile has reduced the down payment of the iPhone 5 by US$5 to $145.99, with the 32 GB now costing $245.99 and the 64 GB costing $345.99. While the $...

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Corona introduces an SDK starter, will raise Pro price to $599

Unity is probably the most popular tool for cross-platform development out there right now -- last week at GDC, I heard a lot from developers of all sizes about Unity and how it was helping them to build games for iOS and other platforms. But Corona also has a following out there. It's a Softwa...

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Apple Australia VP puts markup blame on media rights holders

Yesterday TUAW reported that Apple, Adobe and Microsoft representatives would be meeting today with members of the Australian Parliament to address allegations that the companies charge an unreasonable markup on IT products sold in the country. That meeting was held today, with an Apple VP putting...

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Australia's 'Apple Tax' quantified by MacStories blogger

Tomorrow, Apple, Microsoft and Adobe face the Federal Australian Parliament inquiry into pricing of IT products. The companies are being asked about why prices for hardware and software Down Under appear to have a noticeable markup compared to those elsewhere in the world. All three companies w...

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Apple subpoenaed in Australia to explain high price of its products

Apple, along with Microsoft and Adobe, has been subpoenaed by the Australian Parliament to explain why it has been charging Australian customers more for certain products than it charges customers in the UK, US and other Asian-Pacific countries. The Inquiry into IT Pricing has been going on sin...

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Does it matter if the iPad mini cannibalizes iPad sales?

On October 23rd, Apple introduced its fourth-generation iPad, the iPad mini and a slew of Mac refreshes. Somewhat lost in the reaction to those launches and refreshes was what I think is the most interesting story of all: the iPad 2, and how competitive it has been in this market. Today, a bit ...

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Square Enix considers dropping iOS prices

The Casual Connect gaming conference is going on in Kiev, Ukraine this week, and while there, Square Enix's General Manager of Mobile for Europe Antony Douglas expressed that his company is considering lowering its prices on iOS. By itself, that's not a very surprising notion: Most companies th...

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iPhone 5 unlocked U.S. pricing available

For brief time, Apple listed the non-contract prices for its iPhone 5 models on its website. According to a report in TechCrunch, the pricing is identical to the iPhone 4S and starts at US$649 for the 16 GB model. The 32 GB model adds $100 to bring the cost of the handset to $749, while the 64 ...

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360iDev: The case for 'fair pricing' on iOS apps

A few developers have talked before about the App Store's "race to the bottom" problem, and Joe Cieplinski has clearly been doing some thinking about the issue as well. In his talk at 360iDev this week, Cieplinski (a former English teacher and Apple Store employee who now works as a designer fo...

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Apple does not plan to appear before Australian price inquiry

Apple is in hot water in Australia for refusing to appear in front of a House of Representatives inquiry into retail pricing, says A report by the House of Representatives standing committee on infrastructure and communications claims Apple (and other tech companies like Microsoft)...

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Instacast pricing raises hackles: are apps bought or rented? [Updated]

Update: I made a mistake about Instacast's support for notifications in the original draft of this article. Please read my corrections at the end. My apologies, readers. --Rich The release of Instacast v2.0 ruffled some feathers recently. Vemedio, publishers of the popular podcasting app, have t...

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