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Tag: Printing

Turn your iPhone photos into wall art with's Photos To Art app

The fine folks at have been "helping people find the art they love, so they can love their space more" since 1998 -- that's almost a century in Internet time. The service has long offered quality art reproductions of classic and modern works, but it was only about 18 months ago that it ...

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Sculpteo brings 3D printing to the iPhone

Sculpteo is a fascinating French company that's working to bring 3D printing to the masses. The company had a booth at CES, and while some of our chat with them had to go through a French/English barrier, they very nicely explained to us how they're doing business and allowing almost anyone to ...

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Lantronix xPrintServer brings networked printers within reach of iOS devices

For enterprises and small businesses that are embracing iOS devices to empower employees, printing from those devices can be problematic. The solution for many organizations with scads of networked printers and armfuls of iPads and iPhones is to set up one or more Macs or PCs to handle print ...

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Printer patents portend driver-free future

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published two patents in the past week that suggest Apple is trying to eliminate the much-loathed printer driver. As first noted by ConceivablyTech, the two patents each describe a way for your Mac to get the necessary driver information from the printer its...

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HP adds AirPrint support to more printers

In what it calls a significant expansion of its support for Apple's AirPrint feature, HP has added AirPrint support to eight more of its LaserJet models. AirPrint enables iOS device users running iOS 4.2 or later to wirelessly print documents, photos and other media using printers that support th...

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Printopia updated with customised settings and security

I've been a big fan of Printopia since it first came out. It allows you to print from an iOS device to any printer on a wireless network or directly connected to a Mac. After Apple's half-hearted AirPrint feature was launched, people were pretty upset to learn that it worked on only a handful...

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EFI adds AirPrint to corporate copiers and printers

AirPrint is wonderful for those of us who can use it to print to home printers, but until now, the technology has been useless for most corporate copier / printers. That's all set to change now that EFI is providing support for AirPrint to its signature Fiery print servers. The PrintMe Connect soft...

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Google launches cloud printing for iOS devices

Google announced that it is rolling out Cloud Print support for mobile document and mobile Gmail users. Announced in April 2010, Cloud Print lets you print from any device, OS or browser without having to install custom software or proprietary drivers. The idea is simple. You open a Google document...

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AirPrint for less: Deals on HP printers for Cyber Monday

Given the options for getting AirPrint working with your existing gear, it's probably not necessary to run out and get a brand-new printer just to enable output from your iOS 4.2-enabled iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. If you actually need a new printer, however, it's worth considering whether one of HP...

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Rumor: iBooks update to bring Collections, PDF emailing and printing

Update: So much for rumors. Readers have let us know about two German websites pointing to explicit discussion of iBooks collections in the iOS 4.2 documentation, of all places. We can expect to see collection support in the next version of the iBooks app, which can be updated independently of the ...

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Hands on: iPad printing with 4.2 and AirPrint, a limited menu

If AirPlay's first-generation limitations have disappointed a lot of would-be iPhone video mavens who had dreamed of quickly sharing their clips to the big screen, you can just imagine how irate everyone is about AirPrint. The universal shared printer solution for iPhone and iPad was kneecapped in l...

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Hands on: FingerPrint enables AirPrint for many non-compliant OS X printers

FingerPrint is a new Mac OS X application from Collobos Software that enables AirPrint printing for many OS X printers. AirPrint is Apple's new wireless printing technology for iOS devices. It works over Bonjour, Apple's version of zero configuration networking, allowing devices and services to com...

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AirPrint: how to make it work for shared printers

Update: The clever fellows over at Netputing bundled the files together with a snazzy install/uninstall button to produce AirPrint Hactivator, which takes care of all the under the hood business for you. The same caveats apply: remember that you are installing obsolete/beta system files, use at your...

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New HP e-All-in-One printers make it easy to print from anywhere

HP recently announced two new wireless, Web-connected All-in-One printers that provide features that are sure to make Apple owners happy. The printers, the HP Officejet Pro 8500A e-All-in-One series (above at left, starting at US$299, currently available with a rebate for just $229) and Officejet 7...

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iPad OS will be revved to 4.2 in November, unifies the line

During today's Apple event, Steve Jobs announced that the next version of the iPad flavor of iOS, 4.2, will be available as a free update in November 2010. The iOS 4.2 version will support the iPhone and iPod touch (4.0 friendly versions of those devices) in addition to the iPad. Among the new fe...

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