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Tag: Privacy

Call or text while protecting your identity with StitMe

"It is our belief that privacy is a right – not a commodity." Those are the words of Gurtaj Padda, CEO of StitMe, a free app for iOS that imports your contacts and let you call or text message anyone using a randomly generated phone number, thereby completely concealing your identity and...

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Apple denies it included 'backdoor' services in iOS

Apple denied the accusation that it included backdoor services in iOS that could be exploited by law enforcement and other government agencies in order to obtain personal data from iOS devices. The denial statement was provided to Financial Times journalist Tim Bradshaw who shared the...

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Forensic scientist discovers backdoors running on 600 million iOS devices

Your iPhone may well be at risk of spilling a good deal of your personal data, but not in the way you imagine. According to security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, today's iPhone is actually quite good at fending off a typical hacker, but it also comes with a few convenient -- and secret -- tools...

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China ID's iPhone as a security threat

Apple holds just a small fraction of China's smartphone market -- and since the company only officially entered the fray earlier this year, that's not entirely surprising -- but having the country's state-run TV station label the iPhone as a security threat probably isn't going to help matters. As...

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On Apple and privacy protection

In a recent piece for Macworld, security analyst Rich Mogull took a close look at Apple's privacy policies and was generally pleased with what he discovered. In a broad sense, Mogull found that Apple shied away from the boilerplate legalese that so often makes corporate privacy policies difficult...

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How to make a Fluid app for Facebook to protect your online privacy

Ad Age reports that Facebook is going to try to use more of your browser history for tracking purposes and for ads. They will not honor the "Do Not Track" settings in the browser for reasons that boil down to "We don't want to and no one else is." As John Gruber put it, 'Google does it' is not...

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Strava begins selling your data points, and no, you can't opt-out [Updated]

Strava (free) is an extremely popular running and biking app on iPhone, and has long been at or near the top of the fitness app charts. Along with its apps on other platforms including Android and even personal GPS devices, the company has pooled a whole lot of data about your running and cycling...

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What customer information will Apple provide to the cops?

At the beginning of May, Apple updated its Legal Process Guidelines for U.S. Law Enforcement. These are the guidelines that law enforcement and government entities within the U.S. must follow when seeking information from Apple Inc about the people who use their products, services, and devices. So...

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Snapchat settles with the US government for deceiving users

As privacy has become harder to hold onto in the digital age, the appeal of Snapchat was obvious; no matter what you sent, your photo would be deleted within ten seconds. Of course, what sounded too good to be true ended up being exactly that. There are simple workarounds that allow for screen...

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Moves can now share your info with Facebook and the police

Following the release of the iPhone 5s with the M7 motion coprocessor, a number of fitness apps sprang up to utilize all the data it could capture. Our favorite app was Moves, a user-friendly fitness tracker that makes it easy to cycle through the number of steps you've taken, the number of...

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Please don't attempt to hunt down your stolen iPhone on your own

The story of a California woman hunting down an iPhone thief has been getting a lot of attention recently. Sarah Maguire of West Hollywood awoke after a night on the town to find both her own iPhone, and her roommates', were nowhere to be found. She booted up Find My iPhone, went to the address...

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Facebook announces anonymous app login at F8 conference

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is known for having dubious ideas about privacy. The billionaire founder is famously quoted in David Kirkpatrick's book The Facebook Effect as saying, "having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity" and "the days of you having a different...

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Snapchat competitor Puffchat is incredibly insecure, founder threatens legal action

Puffchat, a timed text and photo messaging client in the vein of Snapchat, is broken. So broken in fact that I, with very little knowledge in the way of HTTP sniffing, was able to access supposedly deleted photos and messages using a free-to-download security testing application. Yeah, it's that...

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Warning: Yet another wave of phishing emails targets Apple users

Email scam artists seemingly love Apple users, and following on the tail end of a widespread Apple ID phishing attempt earlier this year, a new round of sketchy emails has descended upon a large number of email addresses. Unlike the previous scam -- which claimed that a user's Apple ID had been...

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Ad agencies are sad that Apple cares about your privacy

Fears about online privacy have resonated worldwide in recent years. It's simple enough to understand; the amount of personal information we now share with businesses online is staggering. Once upon a time I watched my grandfather get into a near shouting match with a Blockbuster video that wanted...

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