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Corona introduces an SDK starter, will raise Pro price to $599

Unity is probably the most popular tool for cross-platform development out there right now -- last week at GDC, I heard a lot from developers of all sizes about Unity and how it was helping them to build games for iOS and other platforms. But Corona also has a following out there. It's a Softwa...

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Origin Stories: Sonnet Technologies

Sonnet Technologies has been around for 26 years, and was founded by a former Apple engineer. I've long been a fan of their products, first with a PPC daughtercard upgrade for my 8500 years ago. In this Origin Stories I talk to Greg LaPorte about the history of Sonnet. As a bonus, check out t...

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Pro Tools beta adds Lion support

Pro Tools is the industry-standard audio creation and production software used in the music and entertainment industries. Traditionally, Pro Tools takes its sweet time to be updated to work on newer OSs, but today Avid has released a Pro Tools 9.0.5 beta, which adds support for OS X 10.7 Lion. ...

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djay app updated for iPad 2

We've taken a few looks at Algoriddim's excellent djay software before, originally for the Mac and introduced to both the iPhone and the iPad in the last year or so. And the excellent iPad version has just gotten better -- a free update brings the software to version 1.2, including compatibilit...

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Final Cut Studio update supposedly due next year

Frustrated by the Final Cut delay, consultant Dustyn Gobler sent sent Steve Jobs an email asking for status update. Jobs supposedly replied (we can't confirm that Gobler did in fact receive a message back from Jobs) with "A great release of Final Cut is coming early next year." Hardmac reported i...

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Final Cut dominant among Oscar documentary nominees

Steve Jobs and the iPad both appeared on TV during last night's Academy Awards, but they weren't the extent of Apple's presence. Cnet reports this morning that the majority of the "Documentary Feature" and "Documentary Short" nominees -- 9 out of 10 in fact -- were made using Final Cut Studio, Ap...

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Fuzzmeasure Pro 3 leverages Leopard for audio measurement

Reader Sebastiaan sends word that Fuzzmeasure Pro 3 is out (and that he designed the icon for it-- very nice). Released on the three-year anniversary of the first version's release, the update has a host of new features, including integration with Leopard's Core Audio, the sweet audio graphs that th...

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New tips for audio journalism from Apple

As a holiday weekend treat for the ink-stained wretches among us, Apple added a new article Friday to the ongoing series for journalists making the leap to multimedia newsgathering, Audio in Rich Media, up on the Pro site. Focused on the right gadget choices for audio recording on the go, Joe Gore's...

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Apple releases Pro Application Support 4.0

Apple has released a Pro Application Support 4.0 update that "improves general user interface reliability for Apple's professional applications." Basically, if you use any of the Final Cut Suite apps, Aperture, Final Cut Express HD or Logic products, you'll probably see this in Software Update. St...

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HOWTO: Matting rotated QuickTime videos

One of my recent posts showed you how to rotate videos shot in portrait orientation. While this technique restores your video to its proper orientation, the results are not particularly usable in your favorite video editing programs like iMovie because of their unusual aspect ratio. The following g...

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Razer Pro|Type Desktop ready to go

Razer announced the pending availability of their Pro|Type keyboard back in August. Honestly, we were wondering it was ever going to ship, and how much it would cost. Now we finally know. This week, Razer announced that their battleship-sized keyboard will cost $130US and begin shipping today, Apri...

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Huckleberry iSight periscope

The inclusion of iSight cameras in Apple portables starting with the MacBook Pro was an exciting prospect for many users; just think about how useful it would be to have the ability to video conference wherever you had your notebook without having to lug around extra gear! But the secondary use of t...

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Razer introduces feature-packed keyboard with iPod dock

Is that plain-jane Apple Keyboard starting to feel a little lax in the feature department? Do you find yourself wanting for, say, 10 programmable hotkeys and dedicated iTunes control keys? How does a built-in iPod dock sound, with an audio line out port for the ultimate in keyboard luxury and integ...

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Mac Pro benchmark roundup

Other sites are already getting their hands on Mac Pros and putting them through the benchmark ringer, and since we aren't done checking the couch for change yet, I figured a benchmark roundup would be the best way to let you sink your teeth into some cold, hard numbers. If you've been waiting to s...

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Apple slashes Cinema display prices, too

A number of observant TUAW readers have also noticed that Apple has (quietly) slashes Cinema display prices with the introduction of the Mac Pro. There were rumors of Cinema updates before WWDC, but it seems that Apple simply wanted to give our pocketbooks a break with the $500 increase in the Mac P...

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