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Apple to unveil JointVenture, a small business repair service

We reported last week that Apple had scheduled a meeting for all its retail employees. The meeting was held this weekend, and the Cupertino company reportedly used this meeting to detail a new enterprise-oriented service called JointVenture. The program supposedly targets small businesses and l...

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Apple stores roll out revised One to One support & training program

If you have purchased a Mac from Apple's online or retail stores in recent years, then you probably were offered a membership in an exclusive club known as "ProCare." ProCare's most valuable assets were advanced placement in the in-store repair queue and initial setup for new Macs, as well as free h...

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ProCare to be split into two services

For the past several years Apple has offered the ProCare program for $99/year. Basically, there were two classes of service that ProCare subscribers were entitled to: 1) priority service at the Genius Bar, including 14-day advance appointments (versus 2-days for regular folks), and 2) one-to-one per...

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ProCare promo video inspired by South Park, created by Apple Store employees

We don't know how legit this is, or whether there's an Apple Store out there actually using this, but it appears as though some Apple Store employees have created a ProCare promotional video in the spirit of South Park. It features short, animated kids in a few quick scenarios of customers enterin...

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