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Daily iPad App: Supermagical provides polished fun

You've played games like Supermagical before. It's similar to Bubble Bobble or Snood, two games which have been seen multiple times on almost every platform, including iOS. But the key here is polish. Supermagical is a fun game that has you matching up colored balls that you fire across the scr...

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Lots of free and discounted apps this pre-holiday weekend

Yes, Christmas isn't until next week, but around here, a free app is always welcome. Here's some apps that have gone free for this holiday season. The excellent match-3 Call of Atlantis is free this weekend. Chillingo's puzzle platformer NyxQuest is also free. Babo Crash is another...

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Chillingo shows off its current crop at E3 2010

I met up with Chillingo at last week's E3 event here in Los Angeles, and got to see a few of their upcoming titles in action. Here's a few games they were showing off, and some early impressions of each. Zombie Escape This was probably my favorite game of the show -- it's a line-drawing gam...

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