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Tag: Processor

The A6 inside the iPhone 5 varies its clock speed for performance

One possible reason the iPhone 5 has such great battery life is the clever way the A6 changes its clock speed. While originally thought to be clocked at 1GHz, the chip has been clocked at 1.1GHz as well as 1.3GHz by Current Editorials. While 9to5Mac saw the chip's speed drop as low as 550MHz,...

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Apple introduces A6 processor for the iPhone 5

Apple has announced the next-generation version of its processor for iOS devices. The A6 processor in the iPhone 5 has a two times faster CPU and two times faster graphics. The processor is 22 percent smaller than the A5, and will enable programs such as Pages and Keynote to launch nearly twice...

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Apple's A5X processor is big and beautiful

Chipworks posted some polysilicon die photos that compare Apple's A4, A5 and A5X processor. What's most striking to the casual observer is the relative size of each die. As Chipworks notes, the A5X is "big and beautiful" when compared to the A4 and even its close predecessor the A5. You can s...

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TUAW Social Club: Chat about your new iPad and Apple TV

Happy iPad day, boys and girls! Congratulations on your new 3rd generation baby -- and possibly on your new 1080p Apple TV. If your gadget household just grew in size -- or if you're trying to decide whether to pull the trigger on buying some new tech -- come join the discussion in our commen...

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Apple's A5 processor now manufactured in Texas

"Designed by Apple in California" -- you'll find that on virtually every Apple product. While it's well-known that the brains of Apple's outfit are indeed housed in California, it's almost as well-known that Apple's products are almost wholly manufactured overseas. Indeed, Apple has been a target...

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Intel hints at option of custom chip foundry for big customers

Reuters is reporting that Intel "wouldn't blink" if given the chance to make custom chips for Apple's devices, like the iPhone and iPad. At an investor event in London on Thursday, Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith told journalists that "there are certain customers that would be interesting t...

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Tenuous rumor pegs iPad 3 CPU as a dual-core 2GHz part

Treat this one as pure speculation, because frankly, that's what it is. A "high-ranking official" at Samsung let slip that the company is "planning to release a 2GHz dual-core CPU-equipped smartphone by next year." This means that Samsung, one of the world's biggest chip manufacturers and a signif...

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A5 beats Tegra 2 in benchmark tests, thanks to larger size

GLBenchmark pitted a few tablet processors against each other in a speed showdown, and Apple's custom-designed A5 chip in the iPad 2 handily beats NVIDIA's Tegra 2 processor, used in competing tablets like the Motorola Xoom. A few analysts are saying that it's the size that matters in this case...

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Chipworks tears down Apple's A5 chip

Your inner (and outer) geek will thank you for checking out Chipworks' teardown of the A5 processor inside the iPad 2. Chipworks confirms that it is, in fact, made by Samsung and not by TSMC despite Apple's new deal with the latter. This may change in the future, however, especially if the A5...

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Apple selects Taiwan's TSMC to produce its A5 chip

Apple is reported to have inked a deal with Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC to produce the A5 dual-core chip for the iPad 2, in a substantial blow to former producer Samsung. TSMC was apparently chosen over Samsung because tests showed it was consistently producing the chips more efficiently...

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Sandy Bridge GPU may suffice for low-end Apple laptops, processor could show up sooner than expected

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the first round of Sandy Bridge-powered PC laptops is about to hit the market. Intel's new chip architecture is intended to provide a major boost in power for mobile and desktop machines, but there's been some concern about the integrated GPU on these devices w...

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Foxconn parent company raising prices for Apple, others

This is the downside of being Apple -- just as they get prices and costs to where they want them, those same prices and costs tend to go up again. Foxconn's parent company Hon Hai has reported that it will raise its manufacturing prices in China, directly affecting Apple's and other companies' costs...

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Google buys firm of former Apple employees

Google's purchase of a firm staffed with former Apple employees is surrounded by mystery, according to AppleInsider. Agnilux is a small San Jose startup founded by a few former Apple employees, most of whom left the mothership right around the time of the P.A. Semi acquisition. Other than that, n...

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Rumor: Mac Pro Intel 6-core i7 this month

Apple's top-of-the-line Mac Pro hasn't been updated since the Quad-Core model received support for 16GB RAM in September of '09. The last major revision introduced the Nehalem Xeon 3500 Processor last March. Today, HardMac is reporting that the Core i7-980X and Core i7-970 processors could arriv...

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Five things to bring back from the iPad

MobileCrunch has an interesting post up about five things the iPad has and does that Apple would do well to bring back to those of us using the iPhone. I think we'll see more of these as we go along (especially as, you know, some of us actually get to touch and use the device), but this list is a g...

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