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TUAW Tip: Get an instant definition of any word in a pop up window

Gee, I love stuff like this, and I wish I would have known about it a long time ago. The tip comes from OSXhelp.com and it's a great one. Need a quick definition of a word in Safari or an email? Yes, you probably already knew you could right-click on a highlighted word and bring up the OS X dicti...

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WWDC Demo: QuicKeys 4

WWDC isn't all about iPhone apps. Long before the iPhone was a twinkle in Steve's eye, WWDC was all about developing for the Macintosh. I had a chance to sit down with the guys behind QuicKeys, a venerable Mac app that will save you a lot of time on repetitive typing tasks. I got a look at the be...

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David Pogue on Macro programs

NY Times tech columnist David Pogue has done it again. I'll admit that more than once I've wondered about David after watching one of his whimsical video reports for the Times, but then he offers up a gem like the one in his latest column and I realize why he is a powerful tech columnist and I'm a l...

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Proxi reaches version .20

Last week, we told you about the public beta of Proxi, the automation tool from Griffin Technologies. It's a piece of software along the lines of Automator and QuicKeys that lets you create routines to complete complex or repetitive tasks. Today, Griffin has released version .20 of the public beta. ...

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Griffin releases Proxi beta

Earlier today, Griffin technology released a public beta of Proxi, their latest piece of software for Mac OS X. By using "triggers" and "tasks," Proxi will let you automate complicated routines, much like Automator or QuicKeys. There are included triggers for many of Griffin's pr...

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