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Split large movie files quickly on 10.6 with QuickTime Player 7

Updated to clarify that a split clip feature exists in 10.7's version of QuickTime X. Say what you will about the QuickTime X framework and player introduced in Mac OS X 10.6 -- it's crazy speedy on multicore machines, it provides the foundation for next-generation features, it lets you drag-an...

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Rumor: Snow Leopard to include QuickTime Pro

At long last, Apple will (allegedly) stop charging customers for the "Pro" features of QuickTime by building them into Snow Leopard. Finally. You'll recall that Apple has been gradually increasing the options available to the free version of QuickTime, like full screen playback mode. Other features ...

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Sending QuickTime movies with Entourage

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but personally I'd nominate frustration instead. Lots of the time, the things you need to do, or think you need to do (get more exercise, pay your taxes) get pushed off or procrastinated into irrelevancy, but the things that frustrate you -- even i...

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SimpleMovieX: QuickTime Pro replacement

As should be clear from our many posts about it, QuickTime Pro offers some pretty nice basic editing features for $30. Nonetheless, you might think there is room for another low-end video editing application for the Mac, precisely because QuickTime Pro is so centered around the MOV container and Ap...

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HOWTO: Rotate your video in QuickTime Pro

Today with so many of us using our digital cameras to shoot short video segments, it's especially easy to forget that we're dealing with videos and turn the camera on its side for a portrait orientation. Unfortunately, most video programs are not set up to handle portrait video. The video ends up d...

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Apple adds Xvid to QT Components site

Our own David just texted us to let us know that Apple has added Xvid to its online QuickTime Components list. The Xvid-for-QuickTime component, which you can download here, allows you to play and encode Xvid video. As the writeup mentions, Xvid follows the MPEG-4 standard....

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Create 5.1 audio with Quicktime and EyeTV

TUAW reader Dave has posted a tutorial at his site on using Quicktime to create video files with 5.1 sound. Taking video files he captured with an Elgato EyeTV, he uses mAC3dec and Quicktime Pro to separate the sound into the six channels of 5.1 sound. It looks pretty straight forward, but I don't h...

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