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Intuit releases new QuickBooks Online app for the iPad

Intuit expanded its mobile app portfolio today with a new iPad app for its QuickBooks Online accounting service. The iPad app is a standalone solution that lets you sync items like invoices, expenses and estimates across your iOS devices and the web. Intuit talked to small-business owners dur...

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Intuit announces QuickBooks for Mac 2013

Intuit announced today the next version of its QuickBooks small business accounting software for the Mac. The 2013 version focuses on making things easier for small business owners who are busy growing their business. Code-named "Zen" for its ease of use, QuickBooks 2013 simplifies common tas...

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QuickBooks for Mac 2012 features redesigns, improved search, partial billing

Intuit has announced QuickBooks for Mac 2012, which offers a slew of new features. Aside from being more Mac-like than ever (invoices look especially good), this update allows for partial invoice billing, greatly improved search functions, Lion-specific enhancements and a whole lot more. We'll hav...

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Amazon says 'no MAS' with Mac Download Store

In the next effort to go toe-to-toe with Apple, Amazon took a swing at the Mac App Store and launched the Mac Download Store today. While its offerings aren't as robust as the Mac App Store, Amazon scored some big points by offering Mac software for download that Apple doesn't have -- namely Mi...

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QuickBooks 2011 to add multi-user support, more

Intuit is preparing to release QuickBooks 2011 for the Mac on September 27th with some great new features like multi-user support (finally!), mileage tracking, and more. We had a chance to explore this new version with William Lynes, QuickBooks product manager. It's quite Mac-like, and I suspect it ...

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TUAW Sunday snacks: Some tasty tidbits of random information

In between watching those Sunday NFL games, we're hoping that you're snacking on some TUAW goodness. For your munching pleasure I thought I'd cook up some of the interesting tidbits that have accumulated in our inbox this morning and present them to you for consumption. First, from TUAW reader Tom, ...

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QuickBooks Accounting 2009 for Mac

Accounting is a lot less exciting than watching paint dry, but it's a necessity for companies. Intuit's QuickBooks products for Mac don't get a lot of respect, since Intuit seems to treat Mac owners as second-class citizens. They're still working on improving their products, however, and have just a...

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QuickBooks users be cautious of recent update

Update: The "update" at the root of this issue HAS NOT been issued by Intuit (see the posts in this thread), the recommended course of action for all QuickBooks 2006 and 2007 users is to run the terminal command as detailed at the bottom of this post. This will turn off all automatic updates and pr...

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New QuickBooks for Mac coming in 2008

QuickBooks 2008 apparently was released this week by Inuit-- unfortunately, this makes the release of the Windows client only. Macworld, however, is reporting that if QuickBooks is your thing, you've only got a few more months to wait. Intuit is still planning to release a version of QB 2008 for Mac...

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Quickbooks 2007 v9.0, now with native Intel support

Well Adobe may not care enough to release Universal Binary updates, but Intuit seems to care, at least a little. Today they released Quickbook 2007 v9.0. Quickbooks, as you probably already know is a popular accounting app aimed at small businesses. Things of note in this upgrade include: Track ...

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