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Memory Diag monitors and cleans up your RAM usage on Mac OS X

Memory Diag is a nice free utility app available on the Mac App Store. Like a lot of memory utilities (including the OS X Activity Monitor), it will analyze your RAM usage, tell you what applications are using the most resources, and offer to clean things up by purging unused processes. The app liv...

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How to upgrade the memory of the Mac mini (Late 2012)

When I bought my Mac mini a few months ago, I picked it up at my local Apple Store rather than ordering it directly from the company. Because of this, it came with the default 4GB of RAM onboard rather than one of the larger amounts the computer supports. There are probably plenty of mini buyers i...

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iFixit breaks down the MacBook Air 13-inch Mid-2013

iFixit got its hands on a shiny new 13-inch MacBook Air and tore the diminutive machine apart. On the outside, the new MacBook Air is similar to last year's model, but the innards revealed a few minor differences like a smaller SSD module, and updated AirPort card, a new heat sink clamp and more. ...

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New iPad benchmark finds 1 GB RAM

Earlier today, Vietnamese blog released unboxing pictures and a video that supposedly showcases the new iPad. They also did some benchmark tests that suggest the iPad will ship with 1 GB of RAM. Recent reports from The Verge and iOS hacker Chronic claim the iPad had 1 GB of RAM, but thos...

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The Verge suggests the new iPad has 1 GB RAM

Though Apple is forthcoming about processor specs and display resolution, the company often fails to mention the amount of RAM inside its devices. The original iPad shipped with 256 MB of RAM and the iPad 2 with 512 MB. Sources for the Verge claim the new iPad will up the RAM again to a respectabl...

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iPhone 4S has 512 MB RAM, iFixit and Anandtech verify

It's official. We kept hearing that the iPhone 4S has "only" 512 MB of RAM, not the 1 GB that everyone was hoping for. But we wouldn't believe it until iFixit finished their teardown today. Their results are official -- the iPhone 4S contains 512 MB of RAM. How could they tell? The code on ...

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iPhone 4S rumored to offer 512MB RAM instead of 1GB

Despite early rumors to the contrary, TUAW is reading reports from around the Internet that the new iPhone 4S will use 512MB of RAM memory, not the full 1GB many had hoped for. In terms of specs, this falls right in line with the iPad 2's 512MB of LPDDR2 RAM, per that device's iFixit tear-down....

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Mac 101: Upgrade your Mac's RAM

Upgrading your Mac's RAM is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to improve its performance, and it might be more necessary than ever if you're running OS X Lion. While Apple states that the minimum required RAM for Lion is 2 GB, in my experience this is nowhere near enough memory to get Apple...

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Intensive surgery on an old MacBook Pro yields huge performance gains (Updated)

Installing OS X Lion on a 3 1/2-year old MacBook Pro made it clearer than ever just how slow my old machine had become. Beachballs left and right, UI lag, incredibly long reboot times, dismal application load times... as someone accustomed to the "instant on" feel of an iPad or iPhone, I was st...

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OS X Lion Bug: Safari guzzling massive amounts of RAM

After installing OS X Lion last week, one of the things I've noticed is that Safari tends to run away with enormous amounts of RAM over time. A subprocess called "Safari Web Content" will sometimes use over a gigabyte of RAM. Since my Mac maxes out at 4 GB, and since it's a rare day that I'm on...

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Ask TUAW: Durable iPad Cases, iPhone Mail Signatures and the 'Insert' Key

Welcome to Ask TUAW, your favorite weekly question-and-answer column. We can never have too many questions, so please go to the comments of this post and ask away. To get fabulous answers, we need your fabulous questions. You can also email your questions directly to ask [at], or ping us ...

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OWC introduces 8 GB RAM modules for 2011 MacBooks

If, like many who've just purchased one of the brand new MacBook Pros released last week, you still have US$1,600 rattling around in your change purse, OWC have just the thing for you - a pair of 8 GB SODIMMs. A 16 GB memory upgrade is just what you need to give your shiny new MacBook the oomph...

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Some 2008 MacBooks, MacBook Pros can accept 8 GB of RAM

Older Core 2 Duo MacBook and MacBook Pros from late 2008 may support 8 GB of RAM, according to hardware parts vendor Other World Computer. Other World Computer discovered that a newer version of the EFI, when combined with an updated Boot ROM, would let the computer use the full 8 GB of RAM wit...

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Online Apple Store adds one-click "popular configurations" option

Just in time for those holiday orders, there's been a small change in the online Apple Store's build-to-order pages for the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Dave "Eagle-Eye" Caolo spotted the addition of new one-click BTO configurations, which include free express shipping. The new one-click b...

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iFixit: Apple TV has 8GB of onboard flash storage

One of the big questions concerning whether or not the new Apple TV will be able to run apps of some sort is "how much onboard RAM does it have?" That question has been answered by the guys at iFixit, who as usual, have been the first to tear apart and document the internal workings of the Apple T...

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