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RadioShack starts selling Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 tomorrow

Virgin Mobile announced a few days ago that it would soon begin carrying the iPhone 5 without the need for a two-year contract. As such, a 16 GB iPhone 5 can be had for US$549.99 while the 32 GB and 64 GB will retail for $649.99 and $749.99 respectively. We are now seeing reports that the consumers...

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Radio Shack discounts iPhone 4S, 4 by $50

Earlier this week, RadioShack announced via Twitter that the iPhone 4 and 4S will be on sale for a limited time. Following in the footsteps of Target, the electronics retailer is slashing the price on all models by $50 until June 30. This offer is only available in stores as Radio Shack does no...

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Where to buy an iPad on Friday

If you missed the launch day pre-orders and want to get an iPad on Friday, you should start planning your strategy now. Like any good consumer, you'll need to decide which store will have the most iPads and the smallest line so you can maximize your chances of getting the model that you want. ...

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Radio Shack starting up iPad pre-orders

According to a CNET report, Radio Shack has become the first third-party retailer to accept pre-orders for Apple's new iPad. To pre-order through Radio Shack, you have to purchase a US$50 gift card and go into a physical store to place your order. Radio Shack is an authorized Apple reseller, and t...

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16 GB iPhone 4 still available at some Radio Shack locations

If you're in the market for a cheap iPhone 4, you may want to call your local Radio Shack. A leaked document provided to 9to5Mac suggests the electronics retailer still has inventory of both the 8 GB and 16 GB models. The two iPhone 4 models are available for US$99 with a new two-year contract....

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Holiday Gift Guide: Procrastinator's Edition

You know who you are. It's Christmas Eve, your stockings are yet to be hung with care, and there's a dismayingly large gap in the "gift gotten" column of your personal Nice list -- or maybe you haven't figured out what the last three days of Hanukkah are going to look like when it comes to gift ex...

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Radio Shack, Target cut iPhone 4 prices

Target and Radio Shack are dropping the price on the iPhone 4, in a move many believe is a stock clearing measure to make room for the iPhone 5. Radio Shack is currently running a week-long promotion that drops the price of the 16 GB iPhone 4 to US$169 and the 32 GB iPhone 4 to $269. You can cu...

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iPad 2 coming to RadioShack March 29 (confirmed)

The next time you're in RadioShack buying another radio-controlled monster truck to trick out with a Wi-Fi webcam and spy on your neighbors, you might want to keep your eyes open for something a bit more expensive -- an iPad 2. MacRumors is reporting that despite widespread sellouts of the sh...

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Radio Shack has yet another iPhone promotion now through Friday

Yup. The boys are at it again with another $50 off normal iPhone prices. If you're feeling a bit retro you can score a 3GS for $48.99 with a contract. A top of the line iPhone 4 with 32 GB is $248.99. Radio Shack had a similar promotion earlier this month, but this latest offer does not include the ...

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Want the Radio Shack discount? You're probably out of luck

If you were waiting until today to take advantage of Radio Shack's deep, deep discount on an iPhone, you're most likely out of luck. The promotion caused a nationwide RS shortage of iPhone inventory, and AppleInsider contacted a number of the stores on Friday to find that all but one have run out of...

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Radio Shack offers iPhone at big discount

Just in time for your Christmas shopping, "The Shack" is offering the iPhone 4 at an incredibly nice discount. The deal is this -- you can buy a 16GB iPhone 4 for just $149, which is $50 off the price that you'll find at Apple or AT&T stores, and much better than even picking one up at your loc...

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Your Radio Shack iPhone 4 pre-order may be a late arrival

Add another mark up on the board tracking the major confusion going on regarding iPhone 4 pre-sales. On its official Facebook page, Radio Shack has posted a statement to customers who recently placed pre-orders for the iPhone 4. In short, Radio Shack says that the store you placed your pre-order...

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iPhone 4: First Best Buy preorder, Radio Shack kickback plan

If you've got a choice of stores where you can reserve your new phone, may we suggest you consider Radio Shack? Edible Apple reports that the fine folks at the Shack (as noted on the company's Twitter account) are accepting trade-ins for discounts on the iPhone 4. In fact, if you've got a 3GS in goo...

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Shacking up: iPhone sales plan at RadioShack sparks rally

It's been in the rumor mix for well over a year now, first popping up in connection with the iPhones-at-Walmart & Best Buy deal, but now the cat is out of the bag and rummaging around in the shelves full of diodes, UHF antennas and talking robots: late last Friday, RadioShack announced that it w...

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BGR: Walmart to carry iPhone 3G for Black Friday

The Boy Genius Report claims that they received a report saying Walmart may become the second independent retailer in the U.S. to carry the iPhone. The big box retailer is expected to begin selling the iPhone about two weeks before Black Friday, on November 15. Walmart already carries a range of c...

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