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NetNewsWire 3.0a8

We here at TUAW are unabashed fans of NetNewsWire, the best of class newsreader for the Mac. That much you probably knew already, however, you might not know that NewsGator has just released an Alpha of NewNewsWire 3.0 (which brings us up to 3.0a8). Check out the release notes to get the full run do...

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NetNewsWire on sale for $19.95

Ranchero is selling NetNewsWire - the most popular newsreader on Mac or Windows (and it isn't even available for Windows!) - for just $19.95 until their long awaited 2.1 update ships, which their blog post says is "within the next few weeks." While this is $5 off regular price, they're als...

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MarsEdit 1.1fc1

I'm as giddy as a school girl. It looks like MarsEdit 1.1 will soon be upon us as a final candidate release has just been announced. I blog a lot and most my time blogging is spent within the confines of MarsEdit, and I have been watching the development of the 1.1 release very closely and I am exci...

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MarsEdit 1.1b6 public beta

We knew that development of MarsEdit was continuing, but the good news of the weekend was that 1.1b6 public beta of MarsEdit is now available: "This release updates the French localization and fixes a few bugs, including a work-around for a time zone problem with some weblog systems. (More details a...

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