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Found Footage: Possible video taken by iPhone?

Could this possibly be the first video taken by an iPhone? Over at iPhone Matters, Gregory Ng posts that he received a copy of this video from an Apple Store employee in California. In the video, you can see what appears to be an iPhone appearing on the iMac screen as recorded by its iSight. The vi...

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Rest of industry slowly catching on to Apple's music integration approach

RealNetwork's CEO Rob Glaser, always one to fire off a comment when he tricks himself into thinking the industry is listening, might be one of the first major partners of Microsoft to publicly express, erm, 'disappointment' with the Redmond company's all-in-one approach with their Zune music player ...

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VLC 0.8.5 released with Intel Mac, Growl support, many improvements

The most excellent jack-of-many-formats VLC media player has just reached version 0.8.5, and boy  does it pack a whallop - just check out the release notes. The biggest new additions to write home about are Universal Binary support, Growl notifications, a statistics system, new skin support in...

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Napster points finger at Microsoft for iTunes market share

Napster's CEO, Chris Gorog, has pointed a finger at Microsoft for the dominance of the iTunes iPod combination in the digital music market. The frustrated CEO is upset with Microsoft's DRM technology and its relationship with hardware manufacturers, commenting on what many feel is the root of iPod ...

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Real Squeezes Silently Back into the iPod

News.com reports that Real is once again iPod compatible, whether Apple wants them to be or not.  According to RealNetworks Chief Strategy Officer Richard Wolpert, "Harmony now supports all shipping iPods, including iPod Photo." While I still hate Real, I think this is cool. As New...

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Real's Rhapsody

Originally, I was going to make this post about Real trying to compete with iTunes and the iPod with the newly announced Rhapsody to Go service, and I was going to point you to read more about it via this Playlist article. Unfortunately, every time I try to reach http://www.rhapsody.com to chec...

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