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Realmac's Clear task manager now free for 24-hours

Realmac announced earlier this month that it was removing Clear+ from the iOS App Store and keeping the original Clear app as the only version of its popular task manager. To compensate customers who bought Clear+, Realmac decided to make its Clear app free for two 24-hour periods, allowing existi...

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Say hello to Hatch and Fugu, your new virtual pet friend

There's something about virtual pet apps that just draw you in. You get introduced, spend a few minutes with your new BFF and you're hooked. We've seen this phenomenon happen en masse with the Tamagotchi, but we haven't had a similar hit on the iOS platform -- until now. The latest entry in the wo...

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Task: Clear ripoff on steroids

Task ($0.99) from Nuage touch is an amazing to-do app. It's basically Clear on steroids. There's just one problem: it's not by Realmac Software, the people who invested so much time and energy creating a stripped-down, gesture-based interface. Listen folks, it's one thing when Apple Sherlocks y...

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Clear: 350,000 sales in 9 days, iPad and Mac versions coming soon

Clear, the new todo list iPhone app from Realmac software, got a lot of buzz thanks to very impressive demos during Macworld in January. Interest in the app was so high that at least one opportunistic ripoff artist copied Clear wholesale and put a copycat app on the App Store before Clear even debu...

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Daily iPhone App: Clear uses iPhone's intuitive interface to its advantage

We got a sneak peek at Clear last month, and fellow TUAW editor Steve Sande and I have been happily playing with the beta ever since. The collaboration between Realmac Software, Milen and Impending, Inc. has turned enough heads that it caused a knockoff to briefly appear in the App Store over the w...

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RapidWeaver giving users trouble, fix has been submitted

Fans of Realmac Software purchased RapidWeaver from the Mac App Store today, only to have trouble with the app. Fortunately, Realmac is aware of the issue and a fix is on the way. Users took to Twitter to lodge their complaints. One customer wrote, "just bought [RapidWeaver 5] on the app store an...

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New Courier Mac app from RealMac teased

Usually, I'm not so hot on the vague teasers, especially for Mac software. If you want me to be interested in your movie or your game or your software, just let me know what it does and how, and I'll decide if I want it or not. But what the heck, it's the freakin' weekend, so here's a teaser sh...

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Five widgets for Friday

As we've previously pointed out, in many ways, Dashboard Widgets are the precursor to iPhone apps. Need to know when your latest packages will arrive? Yes, there's an app for that. But there's a widget too. Need to figure out how many pesos are in a dollar, or what a Quarter Pounder with Cheese come...

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Upgrade your iPhone camera with LittleSnapper

LittleSnapper from Realmac Software has been available for OS X for quite some time (and was one of the apps available in this year's Macheist bundle), and a few days ago they released a trimmed-down version that runs on your iPhone. While it lacks the basic photo editing and annotation available ...

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LittleSnapper 1.0 is released

Way back in September, our friends (including former TUAW blogger Nik Fletcher) at Realmac Software started trickling out details about their newest Mac app: LittleSnapper. Now after a thorough beta process and lots of hard work, the application is finally available! I have been using the applicatio...

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Realmac teases LittleSnapper

Our friends over at at Realmac Software, makers of the popular RapidWeaver website creation app, have just posted some information on their next Mac app, LittleSnapper. From what I can glean from the promo page, LittleSnapper -- which is expected sometime at the end of 2008 -- is designed to be the ...

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RWThemeMiner 2.0.5

Did you just upgrade to the latest version of Realmac Software's RapidWeaver? Then you might notice RWThemeMiner, which lets you edit your RW themes, is no longer working. Fret not because RWThemeMiner was just updated to version 2.0.5 which works with RapidWeaver 4. RWThemeMiner is available for ...

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MacDock & Realmac offer web hosting deal

Realmac software, the folks behind RapidWeaver, have struck a deal with web hosting company MacDock to offer discounted hosting for registered users of RapidWeaver. For $14.95 per month, you get: 100MB of Xserve storage 8GB per month of bandwidth for transfers 24 hour FTP login 1 MySQL ...

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