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Track refurbished Apple hardware with RefurbMe

RefurbMe is a website that keeps track of refurbished stock at Apple's online store. And that's quite useful if you're not in a position to pay full price for a Mac. Some years ago we covered a refurb store widget, but RefurbMe takes it to the next level. I have a slight confession to make. I'v...

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Apple drops refurbished Mac mini prices by $50

Customers looking for an inexpensive Mac should head to Apple's online store that sells refurbished hardware. The company recently slashed $50 off the price of its refurbished Mac Mini models, offering a base model with a 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 2 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard d...

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eBay opens refurbished Apple products section

There's a new alternative online if you're in the market for refurbished Apple computers and mobile devices. Auction mega-site eBay has launched a section devoted entirely to like-new MacBooks, iPads and iPods, the not-so-catchily named Apple Certified Refurbished Products Store. On the store...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Will my brand new refurb Mac come with Mountain Lion?

Dear Favourite Aunt TUAW, I'm using British spelling in honor of the Olympics. I know that I haven't called lately but I've been very busy waiting for my new Refurb Mac mini. It's going to replace my trusty but aging 2007 edition. I've fetched my Firewire cord and have the step by step method...

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Where have all the refurbs gone? Apple's online cupboard is bare (Updated)

Update 7/15: Refurbs are back in stock! Was there a run on last year's MacBook Pro models? A surge of orders for the factory certified, previously owned iPod nano? The reasons may be mysterious, but the symptom is oddly clear: everything -- yes, everything -- is out of stock in Apple's refurb...

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Refurbished iPads now just $299

Apple's got a new price on a refurbished iPad (that's an iPad 1, not the latest 2), and it's likely the lowest official price you'll ever pay for the tablet. $299 is the new magic number, for a 16 GB iPad Wi-Fi. Of course, that presumes that the unit will come back into stock, but it likely wil...

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iPad deals: Apple Store refurbs drop prices

Dealmac pointed out yesterday that Apple has cut the prices on several refurbished models of the iPad. The Apple Store warns in red print that this is a Special Limited Time Price, which means now is the time to spread the news among your friends. There's no catch in this bargain; the shipping on th...

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Where are the iPad refurbs? Update: found.

Update: Reader Tim Y. found the iPad refurbs hiding out on Apple's online store. While they are accessible via searching the store, there's no navigation slot for them (or for the iPhone 4, for that matter) under Apple's clearance section. So it's almost six months after the iPad's US release -- ...

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Dinner and a movie or... an iPhone?

It was inevitable. One day the iPhone was going to turn into an impulse purchase. In two short years we've gone from the iPhone as a serious $500 commitment to a grab no more expensive than dinner and a movie. The AT&T store now has a refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G for $79, with free two-day shipping...

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MacBook Air bargains at the Apple Store

Set condition one for bargain hunters! The U.S. Apple Store is now offering refurbished MacBook Air models with 1.6GHz processors, 2GB of memory, and 80GB (non-solid-state) hard drives for $1,549. That's a savings of 14 percent from the retail model. Or, think of it as getting a free AppleCare subsc...

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AT&T offers up refurb iPhones

We love you anonymous tipster! Thanks for letting us know about these insanely good iPhone refurb deals direct from AT&T. I bought one of these up last time round. This time, you can pick up a 16 GB iPhone for just $349 or an 8GB for only $249. Free shipping and a full one year warranty (Be sure...

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More iPod touch refurb love at

Update: Sold out, folks -- sorry! We'll keep an eye out for more refurb deals. Looking to pick up a discounted, refurbished 16GB iPod touch? One-day discount vendor is offering the midrange version of the premium iPod for $290 + $5 shipping, comparing pretty favorably with Apple's refurbis...

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Refurb iPhone from AT&T: $249. Maybe

TUAW reader Matt Daughtry tipped us off about this refurb AT&T iPhone deal for just $249 with free shipping. Much as I tried to buy one, the awful AT&T web design just would not let me add one to my cart and check out. If you have better luck and can leave some how-to tips in the comments, ...

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Refurb Mac Pros back on the Apple Store

Dealmac reports this morning that the Mac Pro towers have returned to Apple's refurb clearance stock, with the Octocore model available for $3399, a full $600 below new retail. The rest of the line shows up as well (scroll down through the refurb page for all the choices); shipping is also free, wh...

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Refurb Apple TVs available at online Apple Store

Behold! Refurbished Apple TVs are now available at the online Apple store. An Apple Certified Refurbished Apple TV will set you back $249 with free shipping, a 17% savings off the original $299 price. This includes a one year limited warranty, although you can add a 2-year AppleCare protection plan...

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