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Remote Buddy 1.10 offers iTunes streaming to iPhone / iPod touch

I've long been a fan of Remote Buddy, which originally started as an Apple remote utility. Over time, however, it's developed considerably and some time back added support for controlling your Mac with the iPhone / iPod touch via a built-in web server. Version 1.10 takes this to the next level and o...

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Remote Buddy adds iPhone support

We've mentioned Remote Buddy quite a few times over the last year as what was originally just an Apple Remote utility seems to gain features at a steady pace. First they added Wiimote support and now maker IOSPIRIT has announced iPhone compatibility. In some ways it's similar to Telekinesis which we...

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Use an Apple Remote with older hardware

Iyaz Akhtar over at theappleblog points to a nifty little device from Twisted Melon called the Manta TR1, which enabled the Apple IR remote on any older Mac via USB. Just plug in the Manta to a free USB port and your old G4, etc. can rock with an Apple Remote, just like the newest Intel Macs. The Ma...

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Remote Buddy supports Wiimote

We've previously mentioned my favorite Apple Remote utility Remote Buddy, but the just-released RC1 adds support for the Nintendo Wiimote in addition to a variety of other supported remotes (including obviously the Apple Remote as well as offerings from Keyspan and Griffin). We've also previously m...

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Remote Buddy

Now that most Macs come with a remote, don't you wish you could do a little bit more with it? Now you can, thanks to Remote Buddy. This hand little application lets you control a number of items on your Mac through the magic of Behaviours, which are plugins for Remote Buddy. Check out their website ...

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