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Canadian carriers Bell, Telus say they're working on iPad 2 data plans

Electronista reports that Canadian carriers Bell and Telus have notified their customers that iPad 2 data plans will be coming within the next few weeks. Another Canadian carrier, Rogers, will keep existing iPad data plans in place for its customers going forward. There's no word on just exactl...

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Confirmed: iPad 2 will NOT be carrier-locked in Canada, or anywhere else

At first glance, wording on Apple's Canadian website would seem to imply that the iPad 2 will be carrier-locked in Canada. "The iPad model you purchase is specially configured to work with either Bell, Rogers, or Telus," the site states. "So while you don't have to activate 3G service right awa...

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iBookstore approved for Canada, Rogers to unlock iPhones

The Canadian government approved the Apple iBookstore today, paving the way for Canadian authors to offer their books for sale on the iOS platform. Apple's iBookstore launched internationally on May 28, but the Canadian government had concerns about the cultural effects of this Apple product. Instea...

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Rogers offering $20 for iPad add-on to existing iPhone customers?

The Apple Store for Canada is currently showing the above rates for iPad data plans, but before you get too excited, note a few things. First, Rogers' official iPad page does not yet show any rate plan information. Second, BoyGeniusReport updated their article on this to say that "Apple has rem...

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Rogers, O2 tease iPad data plans

On the heels of international shipping delays, carriers from the UK and Canada have released terse confirmation that they will be offering iPad data plans by "...the end of May." Rogers senior director of social media, Keith McArthur, wrote on the company's blog, "Rogers today announced that it w...

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Rogers customers get to keep free tethering and get offered a paid nav app

Our Canadian friends have a couple of new products to look at if they have an iPhone. The first is Rogers Navigator, powered by TeleNav. For $4.99 a month Rogers' iPhone customers get a full featured turn-by-turn solution with spoken instructions. The app includes real time traffic alerts and rer...

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Virgin Mobile Canada: Fifth Canadian outlet for iPhone

The iPhone is getting yet another carrier in the great white north. Virgin Mobile Canada has announced that it'll start selling the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in the coming months. When exactly? How much? Can I get a Richard Branson ringtone? Actually, I can make my own ringtones, but what about th...

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Updated iPhone 3G, 3GS pricing and availability for Canada announced

For those of you in Canada, good news. The cell carriers Telus and Bell have announced pricing and availability for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. In addition, Rogers will be announcing an update to its pricing. Telus is offering four plan levels with three extras each to chose from, for a total of twelv...

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Telus to start iPhone sales on November 5

Rogers Wireless has a little over one week left of its Canadian iPhone exclusivity. Wireless carrier Telus announced today that it'll start sales of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS on Thursday, November 5, 2009. While the Telus network has been CDMA-only, the carrier is not selling a modified phone. ...

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Updates on iPhone on Bell in Canada

Last week Canadian carriers Bell and Telus announced that they would be offering the iPhone to customers. At the time details were scarce, but this week more information is available. Electronista's sources report that Bell will get the iPhone 3G and 3GS on November 4th, just as their HSPA-based ...

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Bell, Telus end Canadian iPhone exclusivity

The iPhone was slow to launch in Canada and after a rocky start, Rogers has been the exclusive carrier. That changed this week when Bell and Telus both announced independent deals with Apple. Starting in November, each will carry the 3G an 3GS. Just in time for holiday shopping! Keen customers know...

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Rogers allows iPhone tethering in Canada for no extra charge until 2010

While US iPhone users are stuck waiting for AT&T to get their act together, Rogers in Canada has stunned iPhone users by not actively trying to screw users right out of the gate as they did when announcing the data plan pricing for the iPhone last year. After a high-profile backlash, Rogers was ...

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Rogers sells 255k iPhones, adds 191k subscribers

Rogers Wireless sold 255,000 iPhones since their introduction in July, and added 191,000 new customers, according to Electronista. Desjardins Securities analyst Joseph MacKay estimates that Rogers will have to absorb subsidies for all those new customers -- two out of five who bought the iPhone -- a...

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Rogers revising iPhone plans?

MacNN reports that Rogers Wireless will be revising its iPhone plans on October 1 to include a new 250 minute plan for $60, among other changes. The new bundles, MacNN says, would feature a $60 plan with: 250 daytime minutes 75 texts 1GB data Visual Voicemail three months of unlimited loc...

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Rogers offers special iPhone data plan

It is no secret that our Canadian readers were a little upset with Rogers' initial iPhone service plans. Luckily, it looks like Rogers heard all the complaining as they are offering a special limited time offer for iPhone buyers. If you buy an iPhone and sign a three year contract with Rogers you ca...

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