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Tag: Rosetta

Intuit releases Lion-compatible Quicken 2007, as promised

It was late last year that Intuit offered a Christmas olive branch to frustrated Quicken 2007 for Mac customers. The finance software giant promised that it would find a way to make Quicken work on the latest version of OS X; today, it looks like that promise has been kept. Quicken for Mac 2007 Li...

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Snow Leopard security update revised to fix Rosetta issues

As noted yesterday, many of the users who updated their OS X 10.6 systems with Apple's most recent security patches found themselves unable to run PowerPC legacy apps via the Rosetta compatibility layer. Today a new version of that update (Security Update 2012-001 v1.1) is now available, and it sho...

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VMware Fusion now virtualizes standard builds of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard

VMware released the latest dot update to its flagship Mac virtualization product today. The free update, Fusion 4.1, improves Lion full-screen compatibility, graphics performance and startup options; it can be downloaded immediately for all Fusion customers. While those changes are certainly nice...

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Mac 101: How to tell if an older app will run on OS X Lion

If you have a lot of older programs hanging around on your Mac, chances are some of them may not work correctly (or at all) after upgrading to OS X Lion. Most programs put out in the last few years should at least launch in Lion, though it may be some time before they run well. However, there i...

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Intuit's Aaron Patzer hints at Apple licensing Rosetta

One of the big changes coming next month with the release of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is that apps that operate under Rosetta, the code libraries that allow PowerPC-based apps to run on Intel-based Mac hardware, may no longer work under the new operating system. Current developer previews of Lion d...

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Apple's top technical feats of the decade

We're well into 2010 (OK, 4 days), but there's still a few more lists and "top tens" of the last decade to clean up. One of the more interesting Apple-related wrapups is this list by Fraser Spiers, showing off Apple's best technical feats of the past decade. There's certainly tons of technical inno...

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Mac 201: Preparing your Mac for Snow Leopard

With Snow Leopard, the next version of Mac OS X, expected rumored to ship out any week day now, it's worth looking at one thing that can make upgrading to 10.6 a lot easier (at least on an Intel Mac-as most PowerPC Mac users should know by now, Leopard 10.5 is the end of the road for you: Snow Leopa...

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Upcoming 10.4.8 to bring "significant" Rosetta enhancements

We have already seen one report covering what's on the menu in an upcoming 10.4.8 update, and this new one should be great news for all the science nerds and Adobe suite users out there who are stuck running PowerPC apps on Intel Macs: AppleInsider is reporting that Apple has seeded a new build, and...

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TUAW Tip: How to tell if an application is a Universal Binary

You want to figure out if an application is Universal, but you're not sure how to do it? There is a very simple easy way to find out. Simply select the icon of the application you're curious about and either right click and select 'Get Info' or hit Command + i. Either one will get you to the info wi...

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MacTech benchmarks Office 2004 on Rosetta

MacTech has published what I am fairly certain are the comprehensive Office 2004 on Rosetta test results for Intel Macs. Honestly, there is so much literature and testing in this article that I simply skimmed most of it and skipped ahead to the conclusion: "in general, Office 2004 under Rosetta...

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Is World of Warcraft now Intel Mac Compatible?

Our own C.K. Sample III posted this morning on WOW Insider hinting at the fact that World of Warcraft as of today may be Intel Mac compatible and no longer require Rosetta. When he logged in this morning, WOW launched an updater to version Now the comment at the bottom of his login scre...

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Another Rosetta Compatibility List

Following up on yesterday's post about a Macintouch Rosetta compatibility list, I found that MacFixIt has a much more comprehensive list. This hopefully will help assuage the lamentations of readers such as EatingPie, who found the Macintouch list much too tiny. Actually, let us know if you spot...

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X11 on Intel Macs

Despite my initial inability to find a proper X11 installer the other day, it is included on the disk with my new iMac (although nowhere that I could find on Apple's website, which I think is a mistake on Apple's part). So, I installed X11 and OOo and the Gimp. The X11 launcher app is installed in y...

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Rosetta compatibility list

To supplement creativebits' list of what you cannot run on a Mactel, the Mac Internets now has a Rosetta Compatibility list courtesy of Macintouch. Does anyone else find it completely laughable that the company with the most incompatible programs under its name is Apple? Of course, at this point, th...

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iMac Core Duo quirks

No, this isn't a pic of our rig of the day. It's my rig. I've had my iMac Core Duo for a few weeks now, so I thought I'd provide some more impressions for those of you still on the PowerPC side of the processor divide. Monitor spanning works nicely, especially with a nice screen like the 24-inch Del...

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