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Microsoft releases new Office 365 APIs and SDK tools for iOS developers

Microsoft has released a new series of tools for developers looking to improve integration between their apps and the company's Office 365 service. For iOS users and developers, the main point of interest will be the new 365 APIs for mail, files, calendar, and contacts. There is currently more t...

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SDK brings new apps to FiftyThree's Pencil stylus

FiftyThree introduced the Pencil a while back. It's an advanced stylus for iOS devices with a pressure-sensitive rubber tip, an eraser on the end, a USB charging port and a direct bluetooth connection that adds amazing features to connected apps. Up until now, the only app that the Pencil really ...

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Video Flashback: Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall following the intro of the iOS SDK

When Apple rolled out the App Store in July of 2008, it gave developers the ability to take an already revolutionary device like the iPhone and take it to unforeseen heights. While mobile apps up to that point were often clunky affairs that featured mediocre graphics, poor user interfaces, and rel...

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Aviary updates iOS app, gives developers new tools

Aviary (free with in-app purchases) has always been an excellent iOS photo editor. On top of that, the company provides an SDK (software development kit) that allows other camera app creators to include the Aviary processing engine in their software. Both the app and SDK have received a major update...

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Flipside controller tries again, thanks to iOS 7

The Flipside iPhone game controller was a Kickstarter project that began last year with an ambitious goal of US$135,000, raising only about $10k of that before getting canceled due to lack of interest. Things have changed since the project was shut down in January, however. Apple has announced iOS...

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Google Drive adds apps folders and customer properties for developers

Google realizes the importance of its Drive online file storage service in our always-on, always-connected world. To make Drive better for users and developers alike, Google has added two new features, app data folders and custom properties, to its Drive SDK. The app data folder serves as a h...

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FlightPath from TestFlight features realtime analytics for developers

TestFlight has long been known by developers as a very useful tool for testing iOS apps (even outside of Apple's distribution system), and for a while now there's also been a TestFlight SDK, which developers can insert into their app code to track various testers and their actions in the app. B...

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Philips debuts iOS SDK for its light bulbs

No, that headline isn't a joke. You can tell we're living in the 21st century when even lightbulbs have SDKs. The new Philips SDK and APIs are for the company's Hue Connected lighting system. Hue lights are WiFi bulbs users can control with an iOS device. Philips is releasing an SDK and API for...

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PayPal introducing new iOS SDK, APIs at SXSW

PayPal has announced that it's bringing a new iOS SDK and some new API tools to SXSW next week. As you might expect, the API will allow apps to use PayPal's tools to integrate payment information directly rather than having to go through a separate authorization page. As you can see on the offi...

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Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS available to developers

Attention all you iOS devs, Facebook has just released its Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS. Among other things, the SDK allows developers to easily code their apps to allow single sign-on through Facebook IDs. This means that if your app allows users to sign into it via their Facebook account, you n...

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Growl 2.0 SDK available, adds Notification Center integration

Growl has made its 2.0 SDK available, weeks after announcing that it planned to add a Notification Center action display to the program rather than letting it get Sherlocked by OS X Mountain Lion. The SDK also adds improvements to the Mist positioning system and various bugfixes. The 2.0 SDK ...

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Leap suggests future of gesture-based computing

When techies try to think of the future of gesture-based computing, they often discuss 2002's Minority Report, a sci-fi thriller starring Tom Cruise. In the flick, Cruise controlled a huge transparent display by moving his hands and arms like an orchestra conductor. Now San Francisco-based Leap...

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Unity 3.5 available now, with new effects and performance updates

There are quite a few ways to make and build iPhone and iPad apps and games, but one of the most popular tools to create iOS games is the Unity engine, and that system has released version 3.5. The new version offers a number of improvements and upgrades, with lots of new particle and lighting and...

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iOS 5.1 beta ready for testing

The iOS 5.1 beta 1 SDK is now available for download by paid devs at the iOS developer site. Sign in with your developer credentials to gain access to the updated SDK. You will need to download and install firmware via iTunes and cannot use over-the-air updating for this initial release. Because...

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iOS 5 Gold Master ready for download

The iOS 5 Gold Master! Finally! Feels like we've been waiting all Summer and a bit of Autumn for this to happen -- of course, that's exactly how long it's been since WWDC. The release candidate SDK is now available for download by paid devs at the iOS developer site. As with the pre-RC betas, ...

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