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SRS Labs offers app to improve sound of Mac computers

If you followed SRS Labs, you're probably familiar with their products. The company specializes in sound-processing technology, and they have provided enhancement software for consumer and professional applications. Today, the company launched Audio Essentials, which promises to dramatically ...

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MyTunes for iPhone gives your music an impressive kick

SRS Labs has just released MyTunes, a free iPhone app that rather dramatically enhances music playback on your iDevices. Instead of using the stock player provided by Apple, you launch the MyTunes app, select your playlists, albums or artists, and you're away. The sound of most tracks transform...

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SRS iWow 3D really improves the sound of any iPod or iOS device

I've been a fan of the SRS iWow audio adapter for my iPod Classic for a number of years. What this dongle did is make iTunes audio sound dramatically better. It tightened the bass, improved the treble and added a good deal of presence to my music with the largest difference being heard in acoustic o...

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