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Fixya provides report on top five issues for four popular smartphones including iPhone 5s

Friday's probably going to be a huge day for smartphone sales, so Q&A website Fixya.com decided to give holiday shoppers a helping hand by pointing out the major issues with some of the most popular smartphones on the market: the iPhone 5s, the Samsung Galaxy S 4, the Moto X and the HTC One. ...

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Report: Apple considering new suit against Galaxy S 4

Bloomberg is reporting that US Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal has rejected Apple's attempt to include the recently released Samsung Galaxy S 4 in Apple's second California lawsuit against Samsung which is slated to begin in March 2014. Adding another product to the case is a "tax on the court's...

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FreedomPop expands service to include free voice -- but not for iOS yet

Bargain hunters in the iOS world probably already know about FreedomPop. It's the company that provides 500 MB of free data every month to customers using mobile hotspots, USB dongles or a sleeve that fits the iPod touch. Now the company is going a bit further by adding 200 free voice minutes and ...

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Apple: Google Now violates Siri patents

We recently asked if Apple's ongoing legal battles with Samsung were worth the effort for the computer giant. As if to answer our question, this week Apple amended their infringement claims with a new motion filed in the second California patent case targeting five patents that the Galaxy S 4 infr...

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Survey: Half of Chinese users want to own a Galaxy S4 instead of an iPhone

As we've reported quite a bit, Apple has been working hard to try and grow its influence in China. That nation has become the world's largest smartphone market, and so Apple has plenty of reason to be promoting itself and selling as many phones as possible. A new survey shows that as much work ...

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