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Learn Cocoa, Part II

When we posted about Part I of Scott Stevenson's Learn Cocoa tutorial, some people complained that there wasn't actually any coding involved. Well Part II at least introduces what Scott calls "Thinking in Code" and begins to dig a little deeper into what is required to actually use Xcode to write a ...

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Scott Stevenson on why upcoming apps are going Leopard-only

Scott Stevenson, blogger of many things developer-related, has penned an in-depth explanation that answers my assumptions as to why developers would (or should) go Leopard-only with their apps. The explanation Scott provides is pretty thorough, offering brief examples of what is so new and fancy in...

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The secret of Apple's success

Scott Stevenson has been thinking about why Apple has been so successful for the last few years. He points out that in each market that Apple is an unmitigated hit (MP3 players, music downloads) they were not first to market. So why do people dig what Apple is doing? Scott's answer: Apple doesn't ca...

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