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Screens: an easy and elegant VNC app for iOS

VNC (virtual network computing) has been around for a long time, but lately there seems to be more and more interest in it, perhaps because of all the iPad and iPhone owners who want to connect to their computers back home or at the office. Screens, from Edovia, is a new entrant in the VNC app race....

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Toshiba and Apple working together on a display manufacturing plant

Toshiba and Apple are reportedly working together on a brand new manufacturing plant in Japan's Ishikawa Prefecture, specifically to build "low-temperature polysilicon LCD panels," to be used in Apple's iPhones. Toshiba will spend about $1.9 billion on the project, which is scheduled to start build...

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New HP e-All-in-One printers make it easy to print from anywhere

HP recently announced two new wireless, Web-connected All-in-One printers that provide features that are sure to make Apple owners happy. The printers, the HP Officejet Pro 8500A e-All-in-One series (above at left, starting at US$299, currently available with a rebate for just $229) and Officejet 7...

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TUAW Talkcast tonight at 10pm Eastern

Our trademark talkcast goes on the air once again this evening at 10pm Eastern, and it's going to be a heck of a show. We're right in the middle of the runup to the iPad, so we'll be talking about Apple's rumored scramble for content deals, those test units hidden in the wild, and the doors opening ...

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Found Footage: Woz on coloring computers

This video of Woz talking about the "revolutionary" idea of putting color into computers is amazing. It sounds like an LSD trip -- he says he was awake for four days in a row, plunged into some sort of television screenglow madness, and somehow emerged from this zeroes-and-ones induced frenzy wit...

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Wintek strike settled, Apple's supply chain unaffected

There's some good news from China this week. The violent strike that happened at a Wintek factory on the 15th has been resolved. According to DigiTimes, Wintek offered previously-denied pay bonuses to the striking employees and that got them working again. Additionally, Wintek claims that product...

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Rumor du jour: Apple ordering 10" tablet screens

Another week, another day, another round of tablet rumors for the now all-but-confirmed January event. The latest news bouncing around the Interwebs is that Apple has placed an order with panel supplier Innolux for a bevy of 10" touch panels to stick in the new devices, be they called iSlate or wha...

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TUAW Tip: Open more than 8 windows at once in iPhone Safari

Reader John Tokash wrote in with this tip that shows how to open more than 8 windows at once in iPhone Safari. Here's how it works: After opening 8 windows, quit Safari. To do this, press and hold Home for 4-8 seconds until Safari quits and you return to your home screen. Next, tap on Weather, wait...

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